The Phoenix VLOG

Mae and Larry

This is one of my first-ever predominantly video-blogs (vlogs), but it’ll tell the better story comprised of a few different clips from a great evening. Thanks to all the Phoenix leadership, including Barry and Connie Lucas, Kenny and Esmerelda Rossi, Ron Faunce, Dr. Jack Burns, and many many others who participated and helped. Thanks to all the first-timers who showed up to check out Univera, the products and the business.

In short, this was my favorite trip to Phoenix so far–I loved the time at the event, meeting all the new people (probably 70% guests), and the great socialization with the leaders post event at Los Alevios! So, enough writing–onto the VLOG…

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4 Replies to “The Phoenix VLOG”

  1. Awesome stories! You can really feel the energy in the room with so much excitement and passion. What an exciting time!

  2. Was at the Scottsdale meeting. I was very impressed. Had a friend with me and she decided to join the next day. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  3. Hey James, thanks. It is sometimes hard to know how much conveys through the media, but the energy was really strong at these events. πŸ™‚ See you at Convention if not before.

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