What If Money Were No Object?

What if Money Was No Object

Tonight a three minute video moved me.

I already have another blog entry prepared, and wasn’t going to publish it until a few days from now. But, this is quick, and I just had to share it…I wish I’d seen this years ago, repeatedly. And I’m blogging about it now so that, if nothing else, I’ll watch it in the future. Repeatedly. Because it has a good amount to do with what we do for work–and with life.

I look back on my professional and personal life and in many ways feel as though I’ve had more luck, fun, and great experiences than I deserve. I’m genuinely thankful for all of it. Yet, in other ways, I wonder how my life would’ve unfolded had I more often listened (or what could happen) to the voice that echoes in the video below.

It’s a voice of passion rather than reason.

That tells a song of love versus logic.

Brings forth a story of purpose instead of pursuit.

There are times in my life when I knew I shouldn’t give up on something, or that my heart was pulling in a certain direction and towards a particular passion, yet instead at times I answered to a “voice of reason” when my heart and soul told me to do otherwise.

My most recent example sits in the pit of my stomach as I write, a lingering regret from a voice and intuition I ignored. Years ago, my favorite DC-area restaurant was in Herndon, Virginia. And at this restaurant there was a server named Henry. He worked there many years, lived a simple life. And he was a fantastic man.

The short story is that, after getting to know Henry over a period of months, I knew then–and carried this conviction with me all the way up until two weeks ago–that I was supposed to give him my Toyota Prius when I bought a car to replace it. Not loan it, not discount it, but give it to him. Freely. Without expectation or reciprocation. I can’t explain it logically. I. Just. Knew.

What happened that changed my conviction?

Through a forced combination of ignoring this voice, and distraction, I pushed it to the back of my head, and I sold my Prius two weeks ago to some guy in California–when what I was supposed to do was send it back out to Virginia to where Mist (yes, I name my cars) belonged. I think there are probably only a handful of people in my life who would even understand this, and an even shorter list who would have said to go ahead and do it.

Regardless, I didn’t. And I regret it.

It’s a reminder to me of the things that I should and could do, professionally and personally, if I thought less about the money and logic, and more about “what makes you itch?”


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6 Replies to “What If Money Were No Object?”

  1. Wow! This hits home. I’ve heard and ignored that voice myself. That’s going to be quite a bit harder to do next time after reading this. Thank you.

  2. But there is a flaw, Rich. If we just do what we want and forget the money, who pays for our shelter, food and clothes. I have wrestled with this all my working life (which started for me at age 15 some 45 years ago) and I have only gotten to do a few things I really wanted to do but I have provided well for my family when I had nothing to start with. (My first job was $5 a day plus a bed in a herder’s wagon and three meals for working sunrise to sunset staking hay by hand.) I now make that much in a few minutes and still don’t have enough to go out and do what I really want to do. There is a basic fact of life: We have to feed and shelter ourselves and that requires an income and not necessarily a life of joy. But you know what, I have found things in my life to enjoy and people to love and help and care for. Dream if you want and pursue what you want but don’t give up on doing somethings you don’t really want to do so you can provide for your necessities.

  3. Hi Bruce, thanks for reading and sharing your perspective. It’s a dichotomy I don’t fully understand. But what I know is that I have made too many decisions in my life based on what other people think I should do, or what the right “course” is, instead of following my soul. That’s the reminder for me, but how it works amidst the other dynamics of the rest of life, I’m not sure I understand it yet…Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom. 🙂

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