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Props to All the “Real” People


I have always loved, and been inspired by, the “Common Man” (and Woman). When I was 25 years old at my first start-up company in Manhattan I had literally one thing hanging from my office wall (other than 587 sticky notes and whiteboards, both I have had various obsessions with over the years). It was [...]

The Chemistry Complex


Right now I’m sitting in an Upper West Side Manhattan apartment, in this little nook by a double window typing away on my Macbook Air. Every few minutes my eyes break free of the screen towards scattered glances in the alley of brick lined apartments and rusty old fire escapes cascading the sides of pre-war [...]

What a Little Hope Can Do


Yesterday I was working at a Starbucks. At one point I stepped outside to make a few phone calls. Since it was the day after Independence Day, the whole shopping area was pretty quiet. A few hours earlier I’d seen a girl and her mom walking around with a sign asking for money, seemingly without [...]

During a Meeting This Week in New York City…

Jeff Gordon Pepsi Max Test Drive

There was a “bit” of tension. It was all good, but it was more than just a tad though certainly not a lot. So we imposed a coffee break into the meeting at the “bit” of tension point, and during the down time one of the guys asked me “Have you seen the Jeff Gordon [...]

Zoe’s New Business Idea (and the 99% problem)

Raz and RoZo at Ikea discussing start-ups at lunch

Some people think the magic to a successful business is all in the idea. Of course a good idea matters. Ideally it’s one you’re passionate about. But there are no shortage of good ideas–and probably close-to-identical ones that came before yours. After the idea, you’re less than 1% of the way there. The other 99% [...]

Super Bowl vs. Real Life

Along with tens of millions of others, I too watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night. And while it’s 2:11am on Wednesday morning, I’m compelled to write a quick summary of what I think is such a strange dichotomy of the Super Bowl vs. our real life. First… Yes, I am a Niners fan. Yes, [...]

How to Find a Great Boss: A Rebuttal

Finding a Great Boss

Three days ago I read an article that popped up on a social network with five tips on finding a great boss (the term “boss” is so dated to me, but I’m using it throughout as a catch all for manager/leader/etc). I’ve got a deadline in hours and awoke early this AM to get a [...]

A Legend Lost

Screen shot 2010-10-27 at 8.12.18 PM

This weekend, as many of you know, a legend passed away. His name was John Wooden, and while his amazing coaching skills that led to an incredible array of victories for UCLA, more than that he was an amazing human being that has transformed so many peoples lives. So, without any wordiness, I’ll let a [...]

Can You Be Coached?


Last night I had the opportunity to speak/facilitate a small group discussion around Coachability and Listening. So the guys didn’t need to take notes, I promised I’d circulate the culmination of ideas and discussion points captured as we shared the dialogue. I thought it might be a good blog entry, so decided to simply publish [...]

Goodbye, Univera


As many of you now know, yesterday with the internal team and today with the entire external field organization I announced publicly my resignation from Univera as the CEO of International. I’ll be wrapping up my time at Univera through the end of May. I have nothing but the greatest things to say about my [...]

I Hate Museums


Okay, that opening title is a bit dramatic. First, as my wife reminds the kids–and me–we don’t HATE anything. Second, even if I DID hate something, I don’t REALLY hate museums. At least not all of them, just certain kinds. But what was valuable is that I learned something this week about myself. And, Pascal [...]



Here’s a short entry that, I believe, is a key success factor in life…Maybe one of the success factors for YOUR life. And this will also help me break my complete absence of blog posts in the last ten days. I also read the leadership books, magazines, listen to the stories and the speakers, and [...]

Authenticity…From a Friend


Here’s another one that I didn’t intent to post, but it was simply on my heart tonight. So here it is, full of imperfections, my vlog on “Authenticity…From a Friend.”

Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes

A friend passed this onto me today, thanks Jan, and it’s such “postable” blog material I had to put it up right away but not without a few comments first. It starts a little slow and just keeps morphing into this amazing story of a determined spirit to succeed, find a passion and commit to [...]

Checking in on You…And Me.


A progress report on my 2010 goals…

Happy New Year! Now, Let’s Just DO IT!

Happy New Year

I used to scoff a bit at the New Year’s resolutions. But no more… Everybody needs a “restart.” It’s one of the things that made high school or college so great; every year, or ever Semester, you got a do-over. But once you get into working adulthood, the do-overs are a LOT less frequent, and [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family!

Leadership Lesson from WHO?


A symphony. Specifically a conductor of a symphony. I didn’t think it’d pique my interest, but two minutes turned into five into ten turned into the 23 minute lesson which I’ve thought about quite a few times this evening. It’s a great lesson. Entertaining. Thought provoking. Educational. Inspirational. Convicting. I think in each of us [...]

Keep on Keepin’ On–From Jerry.

Football and Perseverance

I’m in a blogging rut. Big time. It’s been like two postings in about three weeks. Writing this is an important part of my life, for reasons I don’t fully understand. Successful writing requires consistency. And, right now, my consistency sucks (learned that word reading a Harvard Biz School publication). It’s not that I don’t [...]

Just Do It…And Do It Again, And Do It…

Art Williams, Direct Selling, and Leadership

Art Williams is fairly legendary in the Direct Selling industry; he’s a strong leader, a normal “everyday guy” (who also happens to be #843 on Forbes list of “world’s billionaires”!) and delivered a really strong message twenty years back that still makes its rounds on YouTube. I know not everybody is going to agree with [...]

Information-packed Friday Afternoon


Thank you to so many Field and Corporate leaders for giving of your time and effort these last two days to share your experiences, advice, and insight into building and sustaining a successful Univera business! To John Ryan, Glen & Reagan Hubbard, Harry Mathers, Kenny Rossi, Teresa Molina, Renee Poindexter, Dr. Mike Kaufman, Andre Bedard, [...]

Univera Convention ’09: The Day Before!


Here we are. Seattle, 2009. Ten Years, One Truth. And it’s all coming together.  Today’s my first of what will be a daily blog all around the events of the day and exciting things that are happening. Most of today’s entry is a VLOG, but some of the highlights included countless hours of preparation, store [...]

Another Life of a Leader

John Hope Franklin on the march from Selma to Montgomery, 1965.

  For whatever reason, I feel like a I read a lot of tributes–perhaps because there are always at least one or two in most issues of Business Week, Newsweek, The Week, and the WSJ. And it’s a different insight to look at the life of a person whose time has past. Reading this short [...]

Why Seattle???


Today I’m reposting a video from a year ago as we prepare for a really exceptional event in Seattle NEXT WEEK!  June 26th and 27th (though the 70′s celebration band/bash starts on Thursday night the 25th, as well as some great workshops earlier that afternoon) we’re going to be celebrating Univera’s 10th year anniversary, learning [...]

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