Just Do It…And Do It Again, And Do It…

Art Williams, Direct Selling, and Leadership

Art Williams is fairly legendary in the Direct Selling industry; he’s a strong leader, a normal “everyday guy” (who also happens to be #843 on Forbes list of “world’s billionaires”!) and delivered a really strong message twenty years back that still makes its rounds on YouTube.

I know not everybody is going to agree with everything that he says in here, or enjoy the way in which he says it; however, there are also some timeless and universal principles in this message as it relates to leadership–and everyday life.

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3 Replies to “Just Do It…And Do It Again, And Do It…”

  1. Right On! Art Williams, Tony Robbins and you are my inspirations of nothing is impossible in my life. Just do it!

  2. Thanks! This is so true and inspirational! People who choose to be in action with what they believe to be true and just do it become great leaders!

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