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Video – Razflections


Happy 12th Birthday Buddy


Hi Levi, Wow, little dude…you would be 12 today. Well, you are 12 today. But you’d be here and with me and 12, rather than up there and 12.  Either way, I can’t even believe it. I’ve got two stories for you today on your birthday. Sometimes I have a hard time getting your sisters to [...]

One Year and 1,000 Miles with Bessie the VW Bus


February ’15 1. Miss a box jump at CrossFit. Grind my shin with full bodyweight. 2. I think it’s almost to the bone. Fist sized swelling. “Just walk it off.” 3. Hydrogen peroxide vs. stitches. I choose peroxide.  Four days later 4. Pain and redness…more pain. Visit doctor.  5. “OH MY GOD! VHAT DID YOU [...]

I *Finally* Found My Life Verse

Life Verse

When I was 22 I got introduced to a guy in his 50′s named Bob. Big Italian guy with a commanding presence and booming voice of a southern baptist preacher. He was also a terrific salesman and all around person. He mentored me for years. Bob had this crazy and radical transformation from an early [...]

Happy 11th Birthday Buddy


Dear Levi, Today it feels like yesterday. Yesterday, when I landed in San Francisco to frantic voicemails that I had to return home immediately. Yesterday, when I rushed into the UC hospital labor/delivery room where our high risk OB doc sat us down and so gently and lovingly explained that you were going to be [...]

The Ironman First Timers List

Ironman pic for blog

The longer I wait at this point, the more I’ll forget. So I wanted to write down a hit list of all the things I learned throughout my process of training for an Ironman triathlon. This includes a list of things I learned in preparation for, and during, the event. It is ALL jumbled together. [...]

Ironman Race Report–My First and Last (Part One)

Royce and Zoe doing the Ironman-Lift-Your-Bike-Over-Your-Head-Thing

Here’s the 1st iteration of my race report. It’s part advice for first-timers, part experience sharing, and part closure. A few caveats: 1. This will be riddled with some profanity, which I try to keep to a minimum. But for this posting I’m not going to dilute it–I’m going to share it like it happened, or [...]

Are the Gains All Gone?

photo 3-2

In the past couple of years I’ve finally started to get in better shape. On a body fat basis, I went from ~30% to ~10%, and of course the changes eclipsed the scale and extended to CrossFit workouts, running, and have included more recently some biking and swimming. And for this entire time, it’s been [...]

Happy 9th Birthday Buddy


This is my annual birthday post for Levi; if you’re interested, the prior birthday posts are here:  Happy 8th Birthday Buddy, Happy 7th Birthday Buddy, Happy 6th Birthday Buddy, Happy 5th Birthday Buddy, and Happy 4th Birthday Buddy. Dear Levi, As I’m writing to you every year I never have anything planned to say. I used to give a [...]

Five Fitness Hacks to Lose 50 Pounds

Weight Loss

It’s the Super Bowl Sunday. Woooohoooo! So as a result nobody is going to read this, but it’s a-okay! I have to post when I have time, and right now I have thirty minutes before my scheduled run (more on the schedule thing later). *Also, I have no idea if these hacks will help you lose [...]

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Okay, here it is…a stroke before midnight, the annual RazFamily Thanksgiving video. This one is a bit more…casual, and slap-dash, but we’re going to let it go anyways. It really is purely an outtakes version, was hoping for something a bit more sincere and thoughtful but it just didn’t happen that way. And I didn’t [...]

Memories of Morristown


Recently I was visiting some family on the East Coast. Every time I’m in the area, I usually stop by the Hospital where my daughter was born–Royce–just about nine years ago. As many know, she was born very premature. I’ll skip the details of the story, I’m sure in accumulation or specifically I have a [...]

Happy 5th Birthday Buddy


Here’s my annual disclaimer: The reason I write in my blog is to connect with people. Not just from one segment of life, but from many. Usually the focus revolves around finding your purpose, passion, and renewal. And as part of the thread of stories I try to share experiences and observations in leadership, volunteerism, [...]

Jake Shimabukuro


A simple song brings a simple message. Find your passion. Watch this guy, Jake Shimabukuro, play the Uke and ask yourself if this guy isn’t just amazingly passionate about what he does? With 50-years of training, I couldn’t do what he just did on this YouTube video. But, the point is that he couldn’t do [...]

Authenticity…From a Friend


Here’s another one that I didn’t intent to post, but it was simply on my heart tonight. So here it is, full of imperfections, my vlog on “Authenticity…From a Friend.”

Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes

A friend passed this onto me today, thanks Jan, and it’s such “postable” blog material I had to put it up right away but not without a few comments first. It starts a little slow and just keeps morphing into this amazing story of a determined spirit to succeed, find a passion and commit to [...]

The Video of the Year!


Join me on a look back at an incredible year!

Checking in on You…And Me.


A progress report on my 2010 goals…

The Harlem Children’s Zone


Sometimes you hear people talk about “playing politics”, make sure not to “step on anybody’s toes” or “be sure not to rock the boat”; perhaps you’ve been told to “watch your back” or just “tone it down and take the time.” But sometimes that’s the worse advice you can ever give…or take. The following is [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family!

Hannah Montana AND Tony Hawk

Hannah Montana AND Tony Hawk

In the last few weeks I’ve been touched by a few people who have sought as a personal endeavor to give people unexpected gifts and “make a moment.” You might recall a few weeks ago I posted a story about skateboarding, and little Zoe’s cool new Hannah Montana skateboard for her birthday…and how I never [...]

Free Hugs

Juan Mann, Rich Razgaitis, Raz Blog, Free Hugs

I saw this video about Juan Mann, and his simple desire to change the world in a small way by offering people free hugs, and at first I even scoffed at it. Cute, I thought, but maybe it’s a front. Initially skeptical yet intrigued. But then I did a little bit more reading and research [...]

A Forever Wedding Memory

Forever Wedding Dance

In College I had a football coach that used to say “you’ll be the same person ten years from now that you are today, except for the people that you meet and the books that you read.” I think there’s a lot of truth to that; from some of the people I’ve met over the [...]

Just Do It…And Do It Again, And Do It…

Art Williams, Direct Selling, and Leadership

Art Williams is fairly legendary in the Direct Selling industry; he’s a strong leader, a normal “everyday guy” (who also happens to be #843 on Forbes list of “world’s billionaires”!) and delivered a really strong message twenty years back that still makes its rounds on YouTube. I know not everybody is going to agree with [...]

And now…a commercial break


Earlier this year, we announced our second Univera commerical contest to coincide with Convention 2009, which was open to all Field Associates.

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