Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family

Happy Thanksgiving
Dear Friends and Family,

Here’s our annual family Thanksgiving video, I hope each of you are having a fantastic day.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family!

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10 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family”

  1. A wonderfully delightful family. I am always amazed at your age and your success, Raz. Seeing your family just completes that thought.

    I have children as old as you…I’m not so sure but I’m thinking I have a grandkid as old.

    Makes me wonder what I have done with my life before I was introduced to Univera.

    God bless you and your family.

  2. Hi Bruce, thanks…your comments are very kind and generous. I am very fortunate to have a great family, among many other great privileges in life. Thanks for reading and the comment.

  3. Rich, thanks for sharing your inspiring video with us. I showed it to my whole family. You are a shining example of leadership based in love and compassion rather than ego, and it’s plain that it simply comes from who you are, as evidenced in how you treat your family. (I know, I sound sappy, jus callin’ like like I see it.) Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for your servant leadership!

  4. Even though I got to watch this a few days later, I enjoyed it just as much. Lovely family and a lovely view out the window. Thanks, Raz and Erica, for your transparency and sharing of yourself and family with us.

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