The October Road Tour: LA, PHX, CHI

Blacked out, but not down, in southern California I had so much fun on the road the last week of October, and even since then so much has happened–including a SOLD OUT EBI in Lacey w/ nearly 300 attending the Corporate Office, along with a road show this week where we’ve been to about 20 cities. I am sitting in the Seattle airport having just flown in from Reno this morning and am on layover to Vancouver, having spent earlier this week in San Francisco, East Bay, and Sacramento. So back to the last week of October…Meeting with great leaders and getting to sit in as well as present in some incredible meetings with various teams! As you know from reading your weekly news and from e-mail announcements we’ve recently made, the Executive Team has been out and about, drumming up support for you as you optimize the 50% Matching Bonus for your Teams and your prospects. I know the other execs have equally impressive stories to tell about the Teams they hung out with, but since this is my blog, I’ll go ahead and tell mine. 🙂 It was a great group of leaders in Los Angeles this past Monday — lots of Vietnamese attendees and a pretty mixed crowd on top of that. The event was at this swanky restaurant and we had it exclusively for our use that night! We had more than 100 people in attendance and it was standing room only, so there was tons of great energy where probably 35% of the people were guests. The host, Khai Huynh, did a great job, the varied business and product testimonials were strong and moving as well, and to top off the evening, the power went out! So we finished the last 20 minutes or so by candlelight. A few people in the front were even shining the lights from their phones onto the speakers so that everyone could see them. It was very fun and it was so obvious that the Team there is committed to transforming Los Angeles! On the way out, a 75-year-old lady told me “I’m all in. I signed up last Wednesday, made a commitment to JUST DO THIS so I flew up to Portland for the Super Regional and had a great time — now I’m here on Monday night and I’m ready to go! I feel so much more energy since starting these products a week ago, and this is going to be an entirely family activity. Go Univera!” Now THAT’S COMMITMENT: ‘In’ on Wednesday/Portland on Friday-Saturday/Back to L.A. working the biz and bringing guests on Monday…love it. Tuesday at another restaurant in Phoenix was equally awesome though with a more intimate group of about 35 people — I’m thinking about 1/3 of them being guests. Barry and Connie Lucas were the hosts, and Connie kept answering most of the questions that I was asking of the audience! 🙂 I couldn’t blame her — she knew all the answers… When I left at 9 p.m., the group was still going strong. It’s so much fun to see the nucleus of energy of a small group that’s committed to making it big. Phoenix has huge potential and NEED given the debacle of real estate, and this is the group that will help transform it. I ran into a woman who was a realtor and has only been in for a few months, but said she was SO RELIEVED to find Univera. As a realtor, she’s busy but her work now is all in foreclosures, and said that it’s emotionally challenging and gut wrenching to see all these families once filled with so much hope facing the dejection of being forced out of their own home. So, in addition to the income, she loves the opportunity to bring about meaningful change to people, and that it’s so refreshing to be able to come to an event and have people that are uplifting, positive, focused on personal development — all things that are apart from the income that can be earned at Univera. Then, Chicago…Just off the hook. Ylinen’s led a great meeting, I even had dinner with “The Legend”, one of our next Diamonds, and spent some other time with fab Univera leaders. And, Kenny, totally rocked the close. Meeting was off the hook…And so is the momentum. Thanks to all the people in Univera that are making this dream possible for so many, and the contribution that’s led to SUCH A BIG WIN IN 2009! And there’s still more to come, we ain’t done “bringing it!” just yet…

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