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The Very Next Thing…

Stepping Stones

In my mid 20′s I was in Manhattan working for my first VC-backed start-up and we were going through a quagmire after the crash in March ’00, which was really gnarly for equity backed start-ups. Our CEO initiated a series of strategy sessions among the Exec’s debating a little topic called, ehhhhh, basically how do we survive?  After hours of heated [...]

Thankful and Grateful

thankful and grateful

Last week I was back in Silicon Valley and on Tuesday at 10pm my daughter Zoe convinced me to stop at McDonalds. As I’m sitting there with a Dr. Pepper, fries, and a cheeseburger I said somewhat playfully, and somewhat seriously, “Hey Zoe, why are we eating this crap?” (her response: “Dad, these fries are [...]

The Ironman First Timers List

Ironman pic for blog

The longer I wait at this point, the more I’ll forget. So I wanted to write down a hit list of all the things I learned throughout my process of training for an Ironman triathlon. This includes a list of things I learned in preparation for, and during, the event. It is ALL jumbled together. [...]

Ironman Race Report–My First and Last (Part One)

Royce and Zoe doing the Ironman-Lift-Your-Bike-Over-Your-Head-Thing

Here’s the 1st iteration of my race report. It’s part advice for first-timers, part experience sharing, and part closure. A few caveats: 1. This will be riddled with some profanity, which I try to keep to a minimum. But for this posting I’m not going to dilute it–I’m going to share it like it happened, or [...]

My First (and Last) Ironman Attempt

Ironman Raz

June of 2012 was a super magical month for me, it was when I finally decided to get my fat self in shape. I’d always wanted to run a marathon, and for years it evaded me due to lots of things that turned out just to be mostly excuses. But I was set on giving [...]

Are the Gains All Gone?

photo 3-2

In the past couple of years I’ve finally started to get in better shape. On a body fat basis, I went from ~30% to ~10%, and of course the changes eclipsed the scale and extended to CrossFit workouts, running, and have included more recently some biking and swimming. And for this entire time, it’s been [...]

Happy 9th Birthday Buddy


This is my annual birthday post for Levi; if you’re interested, the prior birthday posts are here:  Happy 8th Birthday Buddy, Happy 7th Birthday Buddy, Happy 6th Birthday Buddy, Happy 5th Birthday Buddy, and Happy 4th Birthday Buddy. Dear Levi, As I’m writing to you every year I never have anything planned to say. I used to give a [...]

Five Fitness Hacks to Lose 50 Pounds

Weight Loss

It’s the Super Bowl Sunday. Woooohoooo! So as a result nobody is going to read this, but it’s a-okay! I have to post when I have time, and right now I have thirty minutes before my scheduled run (more on the schedule thing later). *Also, I have no idea if these hacks will help you lose [...]

The Fitness Resolutions…


So I don’t have New Years Resolutions. But for sure I will cheer on those who do. My personal philosophy is that if you want to do something you’ll start it now, whether that’s August 27th or Jan 13th. But, I totally get the allure of turning the page and a clean slate. Cheers to [...]

The Cabbie and The Maid

cab copy

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed my Facebook feed filling up with some individuals telling others that their jobs are shitty. Basically. Of course, it’s never stated that blatantly. But that’s the gist, and the rhetoric most recently was positioned against “blue collar” or “working class” jobs–though some “white collar” jobs weren’t out of [...]

Part Two: A S*&$@Y Way to Lose $1,000 (the follow-up)

e-mail symbol

A few months ago I wrote a post about how I lost a grand. And didn’t follow my intuition. You can read about that one here. Shortly after writing the post a friend of mine encouraged me to reach out to him and let him know I’d forgiven the debt. It was the right thing [...]

The Magic of the Guy in Seat 9A


Have you ever had a travel debacle, like an all out traveling clusterfiasco? Yeah, of course you have. And while it’s logical that your experience of debacles coincides with your frequency of travel, it also spikes in relation to the importance of getting to your destination. Of course, right? So in typical Planes, Trains, and Automobiles [...]

Reeling…and Inspired

The Butler

It’s 2:30am and I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Paso Robles, California drinking an Honest Tea while listening to “The Devil’s Tears” by Angus and Julia Stone. The front desk staff are watching ESPN highlights and even with my earphones I can hear them talking about some great kickoff return that’s been replayed incessantly. [...]

What a Little Hope Can Do


Yesterday I was working at a Starbucks. At one point I stepped outside to make a few phone calls. Since it was the day after Independence Day, the whole shopping area was pretty quiet. A few hours earlier I’d seen a girl and her mom walking around with a sign asking for money, seemingly without [...]

My Most Epic Bike Ride Ever


Sometimes I write stories with an intentional point. Other times I just write. Today falls into the latter category. 41 out of my last 50 days were spent traveling. When I got home two days ago, I PROMISED the kiddos I’d watch the fireworks with them last night. And I’ve missed a lot of events [...]

Authenticity…From a Friend


Here’s another one that I didn’t intent to post, but it was simply on my heart tonight. So here it is, full of imperfections, my vlog on “Authenticity…From a Friend.”

My Final Drive in Dune…

Dune, one last look...

On Wednesday night I went for one last drive. Forever. I’m a little obsessive about cars–and they don’t have to be expensive. I just am particular about, and have a love for, automobiles in general. Just like a Cowboy from the 1800′s would have felt about his horse, that’s how I feel about four wheels [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Raz Family!

A Great Weekend


Starting next week (or possibly earlier) I’m going to be posting a few great links on the Direct Selling industry, as well as some info on our Company. Today, I’m just sharing some personal highlights from my past weekend. Erica went out of town for four days, so starting a week ago Thursday evening I [...]

Keep on Keepin’ On–From Jerry.

Football and Perseverance

I’m in a blogging rut. Big time. It’s been like two postings in about three weeks. Writing this is an important part of my life, for reasons I don’t fully understand. Successful writing requires consistency. And, right now, my consistency sucks (learned that word reading a Harvard Biz School publication). It’s not that I don’t [...]

Hannah Montana AND Tony Hawk

Hannah Montana AND Tony Hawk

In the last few weeks I’ve been touched by a few people who have sought as a personal endeavor to give people unexpected gifts and “make a moment.” You might recall a few weeks ago I posted a story about skateboarding, and little Zoe’s cool new Hannah Montana skateboard for her birthday…and how I never [...]

A Moment of Reflection

Rich Razgaitis Blog, A Moment of Reflection

Today I spent the day thinking about… Me. Not entirely, but the fact of the matter is I spent a bit of time thinking about my life, what I wanted to achieve, where I wanted to go, the impact I felt like I could have, and other such matters. Which, I thought was pretty important [...]

My Man, Mitch (Mitch Daniels)

MItch Daniels, Governor of Indiana, Rich Razgaitis Mentor

Some of you may know that I had the privilege of spending some of my early work years at some really solid companies–Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson. I have nothing but admiration for these excellent organizations, and appreciation for all the great relationships formed as well as exceptional training, learning, and development. There are [...]

Free Hugs

Juan Mann, Rich Razgaitis, Raz Blog, Free Hugs

I saw this video about Juan Mann, and his simple desire to change the world in a small way by offering people free hugs, and at first I even scoffed at it. Cute, I thought, but maybe it’s a front. Initially skeptical yet intrigued. But then I did a little bit more reading and research [...]

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