Authenticity…From a Friend


Here’s another one that I didn’t intent to post, but it was simply on my heart tonight. So here it is, full of imperfections, my vlog on “Authenticity…From a Friend.”

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5 Replies to “Authenticity…From a Friend”

  1. Thank you Rich for deep felt honesty. This one Vlog could be the high light of your career in leadership. You are loved by many, many people of which i am one. Although we have never met personally, I have admired your stance on work ethics, personal life with your family (that you gracefully share with us) and your encouragement that anyone and everyone has the opportunity to get ahead in our society. Be blessed my friend.
    PS: Say “Hi” to your dad for me.

  2. Charles, I appreciate your kind (yet undeserving) words, thank you. I would be loved if only by a few, if there are indeed more than just a few it is a pure privilege. The sentiments are very, very reciprocal. This was a hard post for me b/c it was very transparent, and the first few “takes” hit me a bit more emotionally. There’s more to this story that magnifies its significance to me, but for now…Thanks again for reading and also your comment–my experience in getting to know you is that you seem to find the good in just about everything and everyone. That’s a gift to so many, thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. Rich, I ams so glad that you posted this. It is so important to be authentic, and to make oneself so transparent, well, it is extremely rare to see these days, especially when success comes along. What we admire about you is you stay real even with your business success. That is what makes you a great servant leader.
    Thank you for staying humble and authentic, one of the qualities we admire in you is your transparent heart.

  4. Rich, you are such a great guy and I’m so glad you are leading this company around the world. It is refreshing to have a corporate executive be real and encourage all of us to be as well. Since my mom was sick and her death in July of 2008, I have become more open and verbal with those people in my life who are dear to me. I have also made more of a point to lock eyes with people, really listen, and to back up my feelings with actions that speak love. To me that is the “sweet spot” and a great way to go through life. I wanted no regrets in terms of the way I served my mother in her final year of life – totally there for her and walking that difficult walk with her. And I’ve come out of that experience holding on to a few hard-earned life lessons such as being more open with those special people in my life. Thank you for the reminder Rich and the encouragement to continue being authentic.

  5. Rich, it seems that I was meant to see this tonight. Tomorrow I will be talking to an old friend who is dying and is leaving behind two daughters that are each about six years older than Royce and Zoe to be raised by her husband. This was a good reminder that in the end, what we have to offer is our love and being real. We certainly don’t pretend to have all the answers or words to take away the pain, but being there can bring some comfort. This post has encouraged me to really focus in a difficult situation.
    In the last year that I’ve come to know you, you and Erica have always shown alot of heart, and I know it has uplifted and inspired many. Without question, there is alot of love in this company directed back to the two of you, both from those you know and friends you have yet to meet. Thanks again for your leadership and vision. One more thing – hope you’re practicing with the skateboard. Look forward to a demo at convention! Take care.

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