Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes

A friend passed this onto me today, thanks Jan, and it’s such “postable” blog material I had to put it up right away but not without a few comments first.

It starts a little slow and just keeps morphing into this amazing story of a determined spirit to succeed, find a passion and commit to it, and make the most of life as well as hand we’re dealt.

In six minutes I was humbled and inspired. And humbled again.

As I heard the Dad tell his story, and the sacrifices he made to help the dreams of his son, it really made me ask myself a question. If put into that same situation as a Dad, would I have the discipline, humility, and determination to do what he has done? I would hope so, but I am just not sure–he is an amazing man.

And, of course, Patrick Henry Hughes is a pretty exceptional young man himself. All these big muckety muck’s (corporate guys, consultants, speakers, trainers; nothing wrong with them either apart from being overrated) work for years on end to try to deliver profound wisdom and in this little vignette rests a story and lesson I’ll remember for the rest of my life from two “normal” guys in Kentucky.

Patrick, you really are The Man. Pretty sweet stuff you’re made of–same with your Dad.

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11 Replies to “Patrick Henry Hughes”

  1. Love this story. Get teary, in different spots, each time I watch it. What a wonderful gift he HAS and IS! That dad is the coolest. I want to go see the band now!!

  2. What a wonderful father and son relationship.
    Many lessons of dedication, unconditional love, and perseverance.
    I will be sharing this with all of my family and friends, and thank you for posting it Rich.

  3. Thanks for the comment, such a cool relationship–you could tell as they were interviewing both of them the amount of admiration and love they had for each other.

  4. Puts everything into perspective, ended up teary eyed and Patrick says it all…God made us for who we are and we need to find our qualities that He has blessed us with and focus on them and build our lives around them. Bless you Patrick and what a strong committment from dad!

  5. Hmmm. It is difficult to know what to say, what to write, what to be. Love the challenge to do the best we can do. Our kids finish our rearing as people. They finish the rearing that our parents started, with us, with love and with the conviction to do their best. Really proves that we are all on a journey to do, every day, the damn best that we can and someday add all of those experiences together and die with the dream that we did the best that we could. Yeah, that’s what i guess I’m left with – we need all do the best that we can. thanks raz.

  6. God gives us all talents and the ability to develop those talents no matter what we face. What a beautiful. . . inspirational. . . story of love and dedication. People ask God for signs of miracles. Patrick Hughes is one of those miracles! Patrick’s family showing their love, devotion, happiness and pride in Patrick is God’s way of showing us all His love, devotion and happiness in us no matter who, what, where we are! It’s up to us to do the best we can do and be the best we can be!

  7. Beautiful story about two amazing men. Can you imagine what a wonderful world this would be if every father took care of his children like this man?
    Thank you for sharing this inspirational piece.

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