Checking in on You…And Me.


Here it is…my update so far. How’s your progress coming along?

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6 Replies to “Checking in on You…And Me.”

  1. Rich & Erica,
    I’m in week 11 of P90X, missed almost a whole week due to go diamond Phoenix and gloomy weather here in Bend.
    I’ve never worked out this hard and enjoyed it. Having great results and I can’t wait to feel great on the beach this March family vacation! Bring it!
    (we are Judy’s G.’s baby leg in Bend)

  2. Kelly, great job re. week 11!!! That’s fantastic, I am impressed. We’re thinking the same thing re. the beach this summer, but we’re only in week 3 right now! Great job, thanks for sharing your update!

  3. Thanks for the video, Raz. I will share little trick that really helps the workout. Take one Prime and one Ageless before your workout. It has been incredible for me. The energy I get takes me further on my runs, on my weights, etc.
    Hope you and your family will do a hike in Rockies with us, when you come to Colorado in June.

  4. Good tip…I usually drink Xtra during a workout. Prime…Someday. My DHEA-C levels are naturally great so far, so perhaps down the road. But I have also heard amazing results from people using Prime that have reduced levels. And, for sure, I would love to do a hike this summer. So would Erica. Not sure we could keep up with you guys, though! πŸ™‚

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