The Video of the Year!


So here it is…The Video of the Year! At least for Univera. It’s an amazing HIGHLIGHTS reel from ’09. During what was probably the MOST difficult business climate since the Great Depression–we, and specifically each of you, played to win. And win big we did. Take a look at what’s an amazing highlights reel of results from 2009.

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14 Replies to “The Video of the Year!”

  1. We’re excited to see more of you in Canada in 2010 Rich! You coming to the Olympics?? Excited to see people’s lives transformed this year (including mine)!

  2. Sharing a gift, to make life shine,
    shall open a door that will be fine,
    experience renewal and throw us a line,
    Univera in 2010! Shine! Shine! shine!

    Thanks so much for helping me land my new job.

  3. Go Diamond was awesome. You and the Corporate team did a great job and what a treat to get to hear Bill Lee speak twice. Thanks for all your hard work to help all of us. Congratulations on your Promotion. Looking forward to a great 2010..

  4. Thanks, Hans. Great seeing you there. Heard a good slogan for this year beyond our “Unleash Your Potential!”, which is “Let’s Do It Again in 2010!” Pretty good. Yes, it was fabulous to hear Bill speak and I was thrilled he spoke a second time on Friday night. Wasn’t planned, but you could tell he was having a blast.

  5. Hi Raz,
    Congratulations on your promotion! I have no doubts now that we will continue to be a strong company as we go international with your leadership.

    Go Diamond was fabulous! We are so excited to grow this year! We came home Sunday from Go Diamond and Tuesday my son was in a serious snowmobile accident. He is lucky to be alive and has months of recuperation ahead of him. What I’ve already learned this week about Univera in addition to the Go Diamond learnings is that when a Univera family member has a personal or family challenge, they are THERE with full support! We are here to stay! Thank you so much for all you do!

  6. Hi Bev, Thanks for your kind words. I had no idea about the accident, I am so glad to hear he is okay despite a long recovery road. Thanks for dropping by, great to see you at “Go Diamond!”

  7. Rich, i could never be more proud for will bring this company and the products to a world in great need of healing both heath wise, and body wise you are the man for the job I believe in you and am HONORED to have you represent what we all stand for that’s bringing the BEST OF SCIENCE AND NATURE TO HUMANKIND I couldn’t think of any one else to fill those shoes.. AND YES YOU CAN..WAY TO GO ON A JOURNEY THAT IS WELL DESERVED TO ARE ONE AMAZING YOUNG MAN


  8. Hi Michael, thanks for your very kind and gracious comments. In no way am I deserving of them, a huge team of people have been involved in our success. But, thanks nonetheless, it’s very kind of you. Looking forward to a great year together!

  9. Great video – just a word of constructive criticism, if I may. You move your arms and hands too much – it’s very distracting and makes one focus on your arm movements instead of the message. You’re a charismatic speaker and a good one, I think you could be great if you just moved your arms around less.

  10. LOL, yep. You are probably right. I expect I do move my arms and hands too much. I think within me rests some Italian. πŸ™‚

    Anyways, it’s one of my developmental areas for speaking. Thanks for stopping by!

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