The Harlem Children’s Zone

Sometimes you hear people talk about “playing politics”, make sure not to “step on anybody’s toes” or “be sure not to rock the boat”; perhaps you’ve been told to “watch your back” or just “tone it down and take the time.”

But sometimes that’s the worse advice you can ever give…or take.

The following is an amazing 60-minutes clip, and a few things struck me about Geoffrey Canada and The Harlem Children’s Zone.

1. He’s probably stepped on a few toes and rocked a few boats to do what he’s done–and is currently doing.

2. He’s passionate and fiercely determined. I’ll be 90% of his graduating class couldn’t have done what he has done; and it’s because so much of the equation is incorporated of BOTH the skills as well as the will. The enthusiasm. The unbridled passion. The relentless commitment. He’s got it. And I admire it. Watch his eyes as he talks, and you can see the fire that exists within him for a cause he so firmly believes in. In fact, he reminds me of someone else that I know–Bessie Gardner, the former Principal of Ruleville Elementary Schools and is one of the outposts for our Serve First program, who is still immensely involved in the school system and the community.

It was among the most invigorating clips I’ve seen in a while. And I think you’ll agree. Skills. But skills coupled with unbridled commitment and passion. That’s unstoppable, I would bet on this guy any day. Any day.

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  1. Holy Cow, Rich. What are we doing sitting here.

    There are kids out there that need someone to light their fire and show them they CAN …

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