Leadership Lesson from WHO?


A symphony. Specifically a conductor of a symphony.

I didn’t think it’d pique my interest, but two minutes turned into five into ten turned into the 23 minute lesson which I’ve thought about quite a few times this evening.

It’s a great lesson. Entertaining. Thought provoking. Educational. Inspirational. Convicting. I think in each of us there are these various styles of leadership that rest within, but for some certain styles are more natural. This was such a unique glance at leadership, and it underscores to me the importance of the principle taught within the mini-lecture, but also how critical leadership is in every environment.

23 minutes. Yeah, it’s a long video for the Web. But, really, it’s a fantastic leadership lesson, and one I never thought I’d hear from a conductor of a symphony. Enjoy.

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3 Replies to “Leadership Lesson from WHO?”

  1. Tov ma-ode! Very Good!
    I can see why this was a great inspiration for you, being that you are one of the key conductors of Univera. All leaders must learn from their conductors and become a conductor onto themselves and those they lead. That is one of the main reasons that you are on the podium conducting this wonderful business. Thank you for your dedication to us and Univera.

  2. Thanks, Raz! I learn so much from these clips you find! You and corporate are great orchestra leaders and we appreciate you! And thanks for bringing smiles to the company. Loved the piano stairs!

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