A Legend Lost

This weekend, as many of you know, a legend passed away.

His name was John Wooden, and while his amazing coaching skills that led to an incredible array of victories for UCLA, more than that he was an amazing human being that has transformed so many peoples lives. So, without any wordiness, I’ll let a few videos do the talking. Thanks, John. You were, and still remain, an inspiration and wealth of wisdom for so many.

And, the below video from TED (such a great resource for knowledge) is a gem. 17-minutes, well worth the time…

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3 Replies to “A Legend Lost”

  1. Thanks Rich
    I love hearing Coach wooden, He was such a wealth of information and wisdom.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Rich. As we talked about previously, my former father-in-law was coached in high school by John Wooden. As I read some of his quotes, I am able to discern the “Wooden” in my former father-in-law. It is also evident that he passed down some of the Wooden influence to me along the way as well. I pray that I too can pass along the legacy of this great man to those who follow.

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