Rockin’ Reno


Reno Event, Al and Glenn

What happens when you pull together 500 people who…

Have high energy? 

Great leadership? 

Are excited about a new paradigm to feeling great? 

And ready to take hold of their own financial future? 


Well, when you combine all of those things in the dynamic city of Reno, and a huge portion of those 500 are guests leaning forward in their seats during the presentations, you’ve got an event that absolutely rocked this past Tuesday night. 

I can’t say enough great things about the event.

And, with our Road Tour every city was really good–many were great and even exceptional. But, Reno was off the charts. Just totally off the charts. Of course Stephen and Regan were fantastic, but so were all of the hosts and participants and people and guests and…

So much of the success of an event is decided before anyone first sets foot in the door. And, what I mean by that is it’s often pre-determined by the leaders in the room and their spirit and excitement coming into the activity that helps drive to a successful event.

That, coupled with bringing lots of qualified people to hear some great news. 

This past week, that’s exactly what happened as we wrapped up the Road Tour in Reno–there’s no hyperbole there when I saw it’s the best event we’ve had in a long time. It was absolutely electric by the end of the night.


And hangin’ with the Reno leaders was a hoot as well. 

Stay tuned for a Road Tour highlights video, for now enjoy this stuff from the Rockin’ Reno team. 

I don’t have any good stories from the event–only great ones, and the leadership there is fantastic. There is no way I can give credit to all the names of people who made such an impact. 

Congrats, team, on such a great event. And, thanks for making the final stop among the best events we’ve ever held.

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