Bon Jour Montreal

Univera/Matol Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Univera/Matol Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

We arrived in Montreal on Wednesday night, with a bit of a prolonged adventure what with our RGL and NGL experience which I already addressed in another blog post.

Thursday was a day of meetings regarding the Univera/Matol integration, with lots of leadership from Bijan and Jonathan. I can’t mention all the names of the great Univera Matol people, but each are very talented and make an incredible addition to our team. img_0658

Friday was the big celebration, the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the acquisition of a new partner. It’s a great addition to our Company strategically and structurally, we have gained some great teammates, much excitement, as well as resources that will help us along our path to success.

img_0655There were dignitaries at the event, as well as ECONET and Univera Exec’s, along with Bill Lee himself who gave a humorous yet heartfelt ceremonial speech tying in a cute story about arranged marriages and how he, within one day, felt completely comfortable with this arrangement given the quality of the people, the resources, and the products.

Over 150 people were in attendance at this event, many of whom were Univera associates. And, as good as the party and celebration was, a certain section became all the more lively as a few of the Exec’s took over the duty of serving drinks and tending bar.

The highlight for me? The people.

The people in Matol, now Univera, who are dedicated and committed toimg_0659excellence and supporting our plans while also helping to significantly grow the business. The Matol field leaders, who have, in their words, waited years for an opportunity like this–and they feel strongly at home. And the Univera corporate and field team, many of whom were able to participate (Dave Nash, though, was unable to attend due to a birth of their son!!! Congrats Dave, we missed you!) over the days festivities.

img_0668And if all that weren’t enough, the Univera/Matol office has a really cool Flavia coffeemaker where you can get as many single shots as you want.

Today was a “Super Saturday” field event led by MANY of our AMAZING Canadian leaders–whose names I can’t all write down but special thanks to Andre, Anne, Louis, Sylvie, Gille, and so many many others for making this a great success. I know there are people I’m not listing, please know we appreciate everything you did and do to make these events so fantastic.

Over 300 people at this event, an INCREDIBLE turnout particularly considering that two days before there were about 500 people that went to a Halifax event (therefore most of those didn’t travel to Montreal). Special speakers included Bill Lee, our owner, Stuart Ochiltree CEO of ECONET, and Robert Bolduc CEO of Matol, and Univera exec’s and field leaders. img_0675

Most important were the many Univera associates leading and participating in the event, and I believe for well over HALF the audience this was their very first Univera event. And a good 100 people raised their hands and were already committed to going to our June Convention this year.

A really great day. Energy. Excitement. Business success. Product testimonials. Purpose. Heart. A real blast, for all of us.

Thanks, Montreal, for such a great stay–we hope to come back again soon.

And as I blog this I am riding in the car en route to Portland, Maine.

Stephen’s driving, while wholly testing the limits of this little Pontiac while other passengers in this care are testing the use of the word “wholly” in another spelling and context. But, we are nearing our destination and apart from all the “watch out for bears and moose” signs that are giving a bit of angina I think we will arrive in tact.

Albeit two hours later than we should have. There is much dispute around exactly WHY we took a route that was two hours longer. Some believe it is because of faulty GPS, others believe it due to malfunctioning teamwork, and yet others think it’s because of bad direction. It seems it’s impossible to get true clarity on this, but for now we’ve agreed to sleep on it and readdress in the morning.

This ride is actually quite restful. And Regan is particularly quiet, there’s no heckling or jokestering from the back seat, I expect because he is wearing headphones and using his iPhone–perhaps to watch another South Park. Had I known this was such a solitude inducer for our journeys I would have personally purchased a set of headphones for him over a year ago. 🙂

As Regan watches South Park, Stephen’s doing these really loud nasal breathing exercises (I am afraid he is going to hyperventilate on this so an intercession might be necessary–please support me on this), and I’m pounding away on the keyboard at about an 80 decibel on my second battery which is almost kaput, stopping every few minutes to share a new thing I’ve learned on the news wires (by the way, did you know that drinking very hot tea increases your risk of throat cancer? Let it cool a bit first).

We each have our quirks. Stephen and Regan, more than most. 🙂 Truly, we’ve had a great time together.

So it’s officially day one, and we’re off to Portland to meet some of the Univera leaders for a great dinner at J’s Oyster House downtown, followed by the Portland event tomorrow afternoon.


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6 Replies to “Bon Jour Montreal”

  1. HI Rich,
    I helped organize the Halifax event. It was awesome! Stephen was a big hit here on the east coast as I knew he would be!! We hope you will join him next time. Best wishes in your travels across North America this week. Thank you for your great leadership. Look forward to convention.
    Many Blessings,
    PS Did Stephen pay at the tolls this time???

  2. Really, he does look younger. It’s not just a testament to the products (certainly that’s a big part of it) but it’s also due to a strong transformation he has made with his eating and exercise. We had some great time with him in Montreal and he really just exudes vitality.

  3. Hi Heather, I am still hearing all the reverberations from an incredible Halifax event!!! I would love to join next time–Stephen and I have even talked about going sometime in May; so excited to see you guys at what is going to be an AMAZING Convention in June.

    And, yes, to the amazement of many, Stephen did pay the tolls this time. It made for a much less exciting road trip, but I suppose also more civilized. 🙂

  4. Just back from Portland Super Regional and our group is on fire.I attended Stephen’s event in Halifax and the training the next day (also wanted to be in Montreal as well-hey can’t be everywhere at once) and I can honestly say I am so proud and pleased to be a part of Univera and ready to move forward into a successful future helping mankind.
    See you in June
    Wendy Cameron
    Nova Scotia

  5. Hi Wendy, yes we heard that the Halifax event was exceptional. Stephen kept on raving about how great he did. Kidding, of course, but he was raving about all the wonderful people there. And, I even heard some rumblings from a few people that if we had a big event there in May you guys might be able to get more than 600 in attendance! Montreal was fantastic though we’re glad you supported the Halifax initiatives. Look forward to seeing you at Convention–which is going to be spectacular!

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