On the Road Again…


So while I blogged already about our road trip from Montreal to Portland, there’s a bit more to add…Including this odd little pairing above, a “State Safety Rest Stop” where they’re cross selling using a “State Liquor Store” right off the highway in the middle of nowhere. That’s one way to raise revenues. An audacious one.

This little video here is a bit of a summary from our trip and as we’re headed East/South/North (we went the long way).


Click to play the video.

Portland was a great event, including dinner with the Univera leadership local to this area on Saturday night that started at my favorite local restaurant named J’s, but I think it perhaps was a little too rustic and we were a bit too large of a group–so we moved restaurants and had a great time nonetheless.

A wonderful evening with great people was followed a fantastic event Sunday afternoon. Eddy Wittry was the Diamond hosting along with Larry and Claire Owens who were the local hosts–plus there were many other leaders involved, including Blue Diamonds John Ryan and John Rogers. Beyond this, the event really was made possible by all the local leaders who helped contribute in some way–by bringing guests, drumming up excitement, conducting testimonials, and coordinating logistics.

Lots of great people, about 200 in attendance. A very fun group, we enjoyed every minute since arriving here through the event this afternoon.

On a personal note I also got to meet a well known author, Susan Conroy, who spent a lot of time with Mother Teresa and has written several best selling books. Claire introduced me to her a while back, and finally I got a chance to meet her which was an absolute blast to see her energy and enthusiasm and passion for writing–regardless of the industry or voacation/avocation, I love to meet people who have a passion for what they do.

And, it’s one of the very reasons why we loved so much our trip to Portland Maine.

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17 Replies to “On the Road Again…”

  1. It does not surprise me in the least when you mention that restaurant was too small for a Univera meeting. When we have a fantastic business model, extra special products and a leadership to top it all off, meeting accommodations may become scarce all over our great country. One thing is for sure and that is we are on our way to become a household name.

  2. Hello Leadership team!

    Many thanks to you for a fantastic event-associates were thrilled, and customers are signing up. I always come away from hearing from you speak with a huge feeling of being in the right place at the right time. I am so grateful for all of you. Thanks for being such role models for us to go out and share.

    I appreciate all of you!

  3. Hello to an awesome three some Raz, Regan and Steven, thank you for a wonderful evening on Saturday and the event on Sunday. I got so much out of the weekend and it verifies why I continue to believe in this company. I was honored to have met such gentlemen! I’m so excited to continue this journey that I’m on with Univera! Here in Maine I can’t wait to have Univera became part of peoples conversations! Continue the awesome work!

    Thank you again, Viann Nappi

  4. Hey, Raz,
    Can you feel the wave of gratitude from our team here in Maine? What an incredible time for us all to be reenergized! We are inspired, in activity, and oh-so grateful. Our hearts and lives have been touched in more ways than one. I thank you all for being the best people anyone could ever work for and with. Your presence here made a huge difference.

    Blessings, Claire m.

  5. The more I know about Univera, the better it gets! Meeting with the 3 of you on Saturday night and hearing you on Sunday at the Maine roadtour were important pieces of the puzzle. Many thanks for your dedication, integrity, and awesome sense of fun!

    Kathleen Szostek (for Fran Szostek, as well–the guy with the headband!)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm of Univera and wellness! It was a pleasure,as always!

  7. Dear Raz
    All three of you are bigger then life on stage,but to meet in a little bar in Maine and really meet all of you WOW!!! people that I would love to have at my home in Hebron anytime.
    Saturday night was a really Great! I just love the community that Univera has brought to my life.Thank you for a wonderful evening.
    Oh Boy! Sunday training opening a new world for my business as myself and Asso. are very excited about the future and how we can work together to realize are dreams working together.
    Sunday was also great as all of you brought the word of Univera to Maine in a way people could grasp a hold of.
    Many, Many Thanks

  8. Raz: it was such a treat to you and your A Team Playing To Win in Porland. (Maine. The OTHER Portland.) And top that all of with a great leadership training with John Ryan, John Rogers and Sir Edmund of Wittry, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks again for all your efforts, you are all very much appreciated.

  9. Raz
    Your energy and support has given our team a renewed commitment to move forward. Saturday evening’s dinner was extremely special and allowed us to connect with you in an unimaginable way. It’s with a great sense of gratitude that I write today as you represent to many of us a leadership of integrity, excellence, respect and stewardship. The feedback we have received from the many who attended expressed those exact sentiments. A special thanks to Stephen for spending some extra time with our health professionals! They were thrilled to have that time with him.
    Anne RN

  10. Brenda, you guys are fantastic–and you have some excellent leaders. Appreciation is mutual, thanks for the comment. Best, Raz

  11. Hi Jim, Saturday night was an absolute trip, even if we did outgrow J’s Oyster Bar. That was a really special night…

  12. Yes, we’ve felt the gratitude all day–thanks for your outstanding efforts. Can’t wait to get back there again. You have the momentum, run run run with it. Thanks, also, for arranging the meetings with Barb and also Susan–highlights for me, for sure.

  13. Dear Regan, Stephen and Raz,

    Your trip to Portland Maine was a major HIGHLIGHT for us after a long winter, and we thoroughly appreciate your having us on your itinerary.

    As always, Stephen provided us with a great deal of relevant information and clued us in to some of Univera’s exceptional scientific discoveries and updates.

    Stephen, chief among the dozens of things which amaze and delight me about you, is your ability to be fully present to us both individually and collectively when you’re here. Each question is answered with great care, as if we are the most important thing you have going on at that moment. Many talk the talk, but you are among the only presenters I know who consistently walks the walk. Thank you. It appears as if “source energy” flows unimpeded through you. Wow.

    Most sincerely,
    Anne Archambault, CH Freeport, Maine

  14. Hi Raz,
    Thanks to all of you for coming to Maine and a special thanks to Stephen for taking time Sunday morning for Will, Bill, and I to discuss athletic performance and recovery. The last time I saw you was in Atlanta (maybe 2005?) and you look 10 years younger now! We will see you in a triathlon soon…

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