Leaving On a Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane
Leaving on a Jet Plane

What a great song, it was perfect for this past Wednesday morning as a departure song but it was trumped by my gate experience that day.

Since it’s the first official start of the Road Tour tomorrow morning I’ll use this as my beginning post for our many-city tour across North America to share the good news about Univera, these incredible products, an amazing business opportunity, and our culture.

John Denver was such an amazing artist, there’s a great blog entry to be made about him but for now I’ll let the words in the song do the talking (unfortunately this YouTube version gets clipped at the end).

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the Road Tour, and if not please participate via the blog and writing comments. Go Montreal!!!

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3 Replies to “Leaving On a Jet Plane”

  1. I really appreciate this tonight, Rich. I was young when this was a big hit. Boy, did I love John Denver, the Hunger Project, est, and all those things from the 70’s. We all wore round glasses and bowl haircuts.

    And I’m leaving on a jet plane, too, in less than 12 hours—for Maui to stay for three paradisaical weeks, unplugged from all technology. Unfortunately we have to pay our own way because after only three days as a Univera associate we are not yet diamonds πŸ™‚ but we look forward to the day… We ARE however taking one whole suitcase full of product to consume and gift.

    I wish you all the best on the road tour and catch you again later in April.

    Peace and blessings on your family as well,


  2. Awesome song! I sing it all time when I go somewhere. Though my wife thinks I’m kind of weird when I sing it and we’re only driving…

    I wish you’d be in Sacramento to meet my mom, but she’ll have plenty of fun with Regan and Stephen. I’ve been looking for a way for her to see “the big picture” and this tour is perfect!

  3. I have my own favorite memories of John Denver…It signaled the start of summer, a family vacation (all five kids) on a trip out west to Colorado where we would spend a few weeks. My dad (not sure if he’ll still admit this or not) used to pick the campsites based on the ones that DID NOT have flush toilets, because it was a surefire guarantee nobody else would be there. πŸ™‚ We loved summers in Colorado and it is probably one of the reasons I feel more home there than anywhere else in the world–and John Denver is part of that connection. Thanks for sharing your stories Olivia and James.

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