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Happy 12th Birthday Buddy


Hi Levi, Wow, little dude…you would be 12 today. Well, you are 12 today. But you’d be here and with me and 12, rather than up there and 12.  Either way, I can’t even believe it. I’ve got two stories for you today on your birthday. Sometimes I have a hard time getting your sisters to [...]

The Very Next Thing…

Stepping Stones

In my mid 20′s I was in Manhattan working for my first VC-backed start-up and we were going through a quagmire after the crash in March ’00, which was really gnarly for equity backed start-ups. Our CEO initiated a series of strategy sessions among the Exec’s debating a little topic called, ehhhhh, basically how do we survive?  After hours of heated [...]

Props to All the “Real” People


I have always loved, and been inspired by, the “Common Man” (and Woman). When I was 25 years old at my first start-up company in Manhattan I had literally one thing hanging from my office wall (other than 587 sticky notes and whiteboards, both I have had various obsessions with over the years). It was [...]

One Year and 1,000 Miles with Bessie the VW Bus


February ’15 1. Miss a box jump at CrossFit. Grind my shin with full bodyweight. 2. I think it’s almost to the bone. Fist sized swelling. “Just walk it off.” 3. Hydrogen peroxide vs. stitches. I choose peroxide.  Four days later 4. Pain and redness…more pain. Visit doctor.  5. “OH MY GOD! VHAT DID YOU [...]

I *Finally* Found My Life Verse

Life Verse

When I was 22 I got introduced to a guy in his 50′s named Bob. Big Italian guy with a commanding presence and booming voice of a southern baptist preacher. He was also a terrific salesman and all around person. He mentored me for years. Bob had this crazy and radical transformation from an early [...]

Happy 11th Birthday Buddy


Dear Levi, Today it feels like yesterday. Yesterday, when I landed in San Francisco to frantic voicemails that I had to return home immediately. Yesterday, when I rushed into the UC hospital labor/delivery room where our high risk OB doc sat us down and so gently and lovingly explained that you were going to be [...]

The Ironman First Timers List

Ironman pic for blog

The longer I wait at this point, the more I’ll forget. So I wanted to write down a hit list of all the things I learned throughout my process of training for an Ironman triathlon. This includes a list of things I learned in preparation for, and during, the event. It is ALL jumbled together. [...]

My First (and Last) Ironman Attempt

Ironman Raz

June of 2012 was a super magical month for me, it was when I finally decided to get my fat self in shape. I’d always wanted to run a marathon, and for years it evaded me due to lots of things that turned out just to be mostly excuses. But I was set on giving [...]

“Be the Ball, Danny. Be the Ball…”


I really suck at swimming, though I didn’t fully realize it until I started trying to swim laps about 4-5 months ago. At the urging of some fitness friends, who knew I had a specific goal in mind, I decided to sign up for a Master’s Swim class about ten weeks ago. Master’s Swim is a [...]

Lessons Learned, Numero Tres

SF Marathon, Mile 18-ish

A few quick lessons learned from my latest marathon, which was really not a very good run, all for self-inflicted reasons. Some of my other running posts are here, here, here, and here. These are all the things I learned not to do through my personal experience of making a mistake on each item below. If [...]

Happy 8th Birthday Buddy

Royce and Zoe Happy Birthday Cake

Hi Levi. Happy 8th Birthday. This is my fifth letter in the series. The fourth one is here. Third one is here. Second one is here. And the first one is here. When I sit down to do this every year, I never start by knowing what I’ll write. Today is no exception. I just try to go with [...]

100 Failures: My (former) Fat Self

Just before today's body fat test

In 2007 I weighed 240lbs and had a body fat of about 25%. Publicly, I set a goal to be at 15% body fat within one-year. For five years, I ebbed and flowed on this (aka failed), got as close as 18%, but as of one year ago I was back to 240lbs and 25%. [...]

10 Seconds ’till Chaos

San Francsico

On Tuesday I was in San Francisco for a meeting at One Market Plaza, followed by others in the area then back to One Market. As I arrived the in city (lower case, always always lower case–only NYC should get the capitalization) the place was chaos. Pre San Francisco Giants parade prep and antics, I figured. [...]

I Have a New Hero: The UAHS ’92 Reunion Recap

Raz and John Ness

Over the 4th of July I went to my 20th high school reunion. I’ve not seen all but a handful of you since graduation in ’92, as all of my family has moved far away from Columbus so there are few roots that remain apart from friendships years back. This is a simple post with [...]

Happy 7th Birthday Buddy

Levi Razgaitis Birthday Cake

Fourth letter in the series. Third one is here. Second one is here. First one is here. Dear Levi, Here it is. Already again. Another year. You are getting so big. I want to hold your hand. Your still-tiny-but-growing-s0-fast hand, and envelop it in the palm of my large and aging hand, and hold it [...]

Friday Evening Session


What a great evening that as one Associate described was just a roller coaster of emotions!

Leaving On a Jet Plane

What a great song, it was perfect for this past Wednesday morning as a departure song but it was trumped by my gate experience that day. Since it’s the first official start of the Road Tour tomorrow morning I’ll use this as my beginning post for our many-city tour across North America to share the [...]

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