Happy 16th Birthday Buddy

Hi Levi,

Happy 16th Birthday–what a fun one this would’ve been!

We’d have gone to get your license this morning. You’d have your wheels (kind of–at least temp’s) and a newfound sense of freedom.

Instead of me driving to our weekend getaway, we’d have you at the wheel. And you’d have me, Royce, and Zoe “backseat driving you” ever mile. For every car ride I get about ten “WATCH OUT DAD!” warnings from Zoe, all of which sound incredibly dire and imminent…and in each instance every drive (thank God, literally) has yielded zero accidents. And at this point I’d like to say “Hey Zoe, I think you can chill out here and just let me drive–I got this.” Yet I already know Zoe’s response will be “Hey Dad, do you know how many accidents I help you avoid by barking out warnings?!?!?!?” So anyways, she’d be the most vocal.

I’d be posting something Dad-cringey on Insta (or probably FB, more Gen-X), saying something like “Hey folks, stay off the streets–this kid now has his license!” Then, I’d sit on the couch and “rest my eyes” a bit before catching myself, slapping my hands together and belting out “Okay guys, let’s rock and roll outta here!”

But, first, to stop and (re)show how to check the oil and fluids in your car–which I did just this afternoon with Royce and Zoe. Coincidentally, was met with loud exclaims of “C’mon Dad, WE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS…YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOW US AGAIN!” Ummmmm, yes I do. I’m your Dad. Also, ya’ll had a lot of trouble finding the hood release today which still concerns me, lol. 😉

Today we took off this afternoon to head up to the Mountains and spend the weekend celebrating your Birthday.

This Birthday would’ve been really epic with you here–and maybe a little hard to explain, but this year it’s just different. Lunch today with your sisters was one of these super simple–and fleeting far too quickly–events, watching them interact and hearing Royce share with me her clinical perspective of Keto and Intermittent Fasting, listening to them both laugh, and hearing/seeing them as adults (but still kinda always the Dad-lense, but it changes over time). They’re both doing amazing–I think the best they’ve been in years. There’s an ease and enjoyment in our relationship, and maybe it’s a new level of confidence or just comfort–and maybe a lot humility among us and Whatever it is, it’s really nice. You’ve got two amazing sisters here.

Here’s a few pics from us on your Birthday from over the years. We all say hi and “Love it…No Matter What!” Have a great Birthday, buddy!



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