This entry started as what would be a combination of two events, Austin and Denver. Thus the name, Austenver. Then, I started looking at all the great pictures and people from Austin, and I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the two events together. 

As I type we’re en route to Denver, placing bets of whether we’ll land or not. Already, the Frontier flight first thing this AM was cancelled to Denver, and many United flights leaving Denver were cancelled, yet as I write we’re flying in gorgeously sunny skies—hopefully beating this last winter storm that’s apparently on its way (side note: when I landed this was published, so obviously we have made it to Denver and we will see you this afternoon). 

So the three of us are doing our thing in flight, Stephen pounding away on his keyboard (though not quite as loudly as me), Regan sits ahead of us CEO style in first class (bumped, not a purchased ticket) watching 30 Rock, and I’m bloggin’ away.

Arriving into Austin was welcome warmth, spectacular sun and temperature. It’s the best weather so far. And, while weather is really an exceptionally boring and mindless topic, when you live in 40-50 degrees and rainy for much of the year (though I actually love it) the topic of sunny skies and arid warmth becomes just a tad more interesting.

Austin is such a hoppin’ city, and for a Friday night our turnout was fantastic—probably close to 200. Significantly more people than we had last time in Austin, and the energy and excitement was a lot better as well. Not that last time our Austin trip wasn’t great, it was good. But this was really exceptional with the quality of people and just the…Energy.

I’d rather have energy, excitement, and conviction any day of the week over someone with just talent and talk that lacks passion. In Austin we had people that are both talented and excited. The best of both. 

When I reference specific people that I meet on the Road Tour I always hesitate a bit, because there’s always more people that I can’t blog about that I met who are equally interesting. But I try to tie in one story or experience.

At this event I met a guy with a great story, his name is Mario (his brother Tommy attended the event as well), and is signed up under Colleen who was also attending. Mario’s story is a great one, he grew up in the Lyford, Texas area. Which, many of you know, is home to Hilltop Gardens—the Historical Home of Aloe. There’s more to this great story, it’s just evolving and someday I’ll write more about it, but the short of it that Mario has gone on to become exceptionally successful, and as I understand it is an inventor (even featured in magazines like Popular Mechanics) and has also done some feature work in TV. The amazing thing is not that he’s totally bought into Univera—the products and the business. It’s that he has a stronger tie to Hilltop Gardens than most anybody I know.

See, when Mario was growing up, his parents worked in agriculture and in the fields. And, some of the work they did was planting and harvesting aloe.

But the magic is, they didn’t just work any farms. One of the farms his parents worked in the fields was the Hilltop Gardens farm itself, before Bill had actually purchased it (owned by a different family, with a different name—but the oldest aloe vera farm in the U.S.).

So the evolution of this story is an amazing one, and among many other stories of success that will grow over the years this will also be another interesting one. 



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4 Replies to “Austenver”

  1. Raz, You guys were outstanding. The event Rocked! I loved the fact that I saw so many New Faces!!! Congrats to Reva and the Austin Team for such an excellent hosted event… The current Univera Corp & Field Leaders have so much Passion for this Mission! Also, it was so cool to celebrate the actual 10 year Univera Anniversary with you guys! All the best on the rest of the road tour…

  2. Hey Joe, great comments! Reva did a phenomenal job of leading and organizing for this event (thank you Reva) and so many others helped out as well behind the scenes. Sorry I didn’t get much time to chat with you before or after the event, other than a quick hello. Originally we were going to try to hang afterwards with the group, but the after-event didn’t get started until 10pm or later and we were just fried…Next time. Best to your family.

  3. Thanks & hats off to all the great folks from all parts of Texas (& Louisiana) who came to Austin to share this great evening and helped make it a success!

    It is difficult to find words to adequately express the gratitude I feel for you guys as our corporate leaders – the commitment you offer all as you sacrifice time away from family, hitting the road and following a travel schedule I’m not sure how you manage! Your service is inspiring & helps keep me going everyday!

  4. Thanks Reva…You did SUCH a great job. And the turnout considering Friday night–fantastic! Sorry we couldn’t stay later, we hit a wall. 🙂 Next time.

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