Nashville (creative heading, huh)

Bliss and John

My creativity brain cells are, I believe, starting to diminish. But the excitement on the road for Univera isn’t!

Sometimes when I write these entries about the Road Tour I feel like it might read as a bit of over-enthusiasm for these events, but really, if they weren’t good events I either wouldn’t write about them or I’d pick some obscure topic to focus on semi-related to the event. 

So Nashville was lots ‘o energy. And I am trying to stay away talking about any of the Corporate presentations, because it’s really not the point of the Road Tour and it’s boring to read about in a blog–instead, the point is to try to get this message and the opportunity–product, business, or both–in front of people who need it the most. 

However, Stephen was fantastic at this event. It was probably the best that I have heard him, he pulled out all stops. 

Energy in the room was fantastic, we had people there from Indianapolis, Knoxville, Georgia–even someone from California was there. And about 70% were first time attendees, another really amazing percentage. 

We spent a lot of time socializing and getting to know those in the area. It really was an exceptional event, we will be back.

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5 Replies to “Nashville (creative heading, huh)”

  1. Regan, Raz, and Stephen..thank you for your great event in Nashville. We made it through the tornado and still had 200+ in attendance. We can’t wait to have you back!


  2. Hey Kaz, thanks for all you guys did to make that a great event. Despite the weather, 200+ was really amazing. And we had a lot of fun–you guys did exceptionally well, thanks for your leadership. And, we WILL be back again!

  3. So true, that was the BEST I’ve ever seen Stephen too. The whole meeting was electric. Thank all of you for everything you do. Can’t wait to have you back to Nashville!!!!!!!

  4. The Nashville meeting was terrific I drove from Knoxville for the event and the storm in Nashville did not damper my spirits. My guest was very impressed. When it was over, I could not believe 2 1/2 hours has passed. Amazing how you don’t notice time when you are having fun, learning and being entertained by Stephen. Thanks Stephen for all the scientific information you gave us. Keep it up. Anne

  5. Hi Anne, thanks for your comment. The time passed quick, for sure, and thanks for braving the wild weather to come out and support and attend the event.

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