Thampa (Thanks, Tampa)

Univera Leaders Catherine and Rae

Arriving into balmy and sunny Tampa was a great feeling, the salty smell of Florida in the air after having been in a lot of 40 degree rain for the past few months.

The afternoon began with a quick visit over lunch with my mom and dad, who were about an hour away and drove up to see me. It was, of course, great to see them though I was a little frustrated by being distracted with some business things that popped up, including some messed up flights. So it was probably not a lot of fun for them, but good to reconnect nonetheless.

Our event was comprised of thirds. One-third Univera Matol associates, one-third Univera associates, and one-third new attendees. So it was a little diverse in its set-up, and perhaps even a little awkward because we’re still in the process of integrating Univera Matol into Univera as one entity.

On top of that, I was the only one presenting—Regan and Stephen were up in Atlanta, so we divided up to try to get to more territory. So when the meeting began, I carried a few trepidations about how it was going to pull off with these two groups, along with two videos of guys who weren’t there.

Bill and Ken were gracious meeting hosts (from Matol), and we had some other Univera leaders that attended—at least six or seven Bronzes, Silvers, and Golds. And Dr. Pam Lewin, a Family Practice doc, gave a good overview of Xtra and its impact and effect.

And I met some absolutely amazing people, some again for a second/third/fourth time and yet others for the first time. These were just real people, authentic, hard working, passionate. Who wanted to make a difference. The best part of all these meetings for me are the discussions afterwards, getting to meet and greet the people that comprise the heart of our Company out in the field. In fact, it wasn’t less than two hours after the event before I concluded mingling with some of the attendees.

Ultimately, I think it all worked out fine.

How do I know?

Well, when looking at the pictures from this group they were all smiling. I mean, we’re talking big smiles. It was the very thing that struck me as I was looking through my album of hundreds of pictures from this Road Tour, take a look for yourself below. 🙂

Thanks, Tampa, for a great evening and a warm welcome.

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