Univera Convention ’09: The Day Before!


Here we are. Seattle, 2009. Ten Years, One Truth. And it’s all coming together. 

Today’s my first of what will be a daily blog all around the events of the day and exciting things that are happening. Most of today’s entry is a VLOG, but some of the highlights included countless hours of preparation, store setting, computer terminals, product loading, registration coordinating, leadership meetings, unending rehearsals, points of frustration followed by triumphs of elation, and some humorous laughs along the way. 

It was a great day, sure to be a fantastic event. Enjoy the play by play, and don’t forget to add comments along the way. 

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2 Replies to “Univera Convention ’09: The Day Before!”

  1. Most excellent. I too am excited. Each breakout session sounds great and main speakers also sound awesome. See you in a little bit.

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