And to Paul Potts, too

Paul Potts

So with all the fanfare with Susan Boyle and her amazing performance on “Britain’s Got Talent”, and my many many views of her performance in the last few days (to the point that my wife is teasing me), I’ve become captured with a few other great stories ofnormal people doing exceptional things that have been featured on a few reality shows. I don’t watch much TV, but some of these highlights on YouTube are just too fantastic not to share.

The ones below I saw about a year back, a similar story to Susan’s. I think there’s a reason that we’re all so intrigued by these exceptional shorts–in total these videos have been viewed on YouTube tens of millions of times, there’s a buzz about it.

Why are these so popular?

For me, I’m drawn by seeing someone’s inspiration. Sheer determination. And ultimate. success. Seeing someone’s “Renewal.” It’s the archetypical underdog story of a longshot, someone left behind or forgotten and dismissed or simply underestimated, that has “it” deep within them, sticks with it, and wins big.

I’d love to hear other opinions on what has made these clips of Paul and Susan SUCH a sensation–comment away! πŸ™‚

So, here it is…Paul Potts, from over a year ago on Britain’s Got Talent. The first video is his audition. The second video is a deeper look at the Paul Potts story.

And once again, take a look at the crowd–the smirks and laughter–before his performance, and how he absolutely transforms the audience during the event.

And here’s the other clip that gives a bit more of the story after it unfolded.

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One Reply to “And to Paul Potts, too”

  1. Hi Rich,
    I believe these 2 stories are so incredibly touching to the soul because we live in a society where it seems standard to judge a person from the outside and it reminded us all in a big way that you should not judge a person on their looks but on what really matters…their “heart”. Both Paul and Susan showed tremendous courage to go out there on that stage the first time as I’m sure it’s not the first time in their lives that they have had to hear people whisper or smirk. As for Susan I’ve done a little reading on her and she definitely has not had an easy life, but bless her little heart that she still believed in her dream and more importantly herself and just kept going and NEVER QUIT! A lesson for all of us. Watching them humbles us and makes us realize we need to treat our “neighbor” the way that we wish to be treated. NOBODY is above common courtesy and kindness and I am just so thrilled that Susan Boyle’s dream that she dreamed is now becoming a reality in a very big way! God Bless you Susan!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us Rich…you are a true servant leader and we are so very blessed to have you leading us.

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