Rachel, Did You Work Out?


Rachel Wisby, in the fields of Hilltop Gardens in Lyford during our retreat
Rachel Wisby, in the fields of Hilltop Gardens in Lyford during our retreat

This afternoon I was talking with Rachel Wisby, who heads up our Creative Services team. We were discussing working out, getting in shape, losing weight, all that stuff.

And she said to me, “how do you get over ‘Mpmphfhhph’?”

“You know”, she continued in her British accent, “Mpmphfhfhph! That thing, it’s like, that moment when you’re sitting there and you decide whether to work out or not.”

Ah, yeah, the “Mpmphfhfhph” moment. It’s that small but massively impactful point in time that makes some people wimps and others strong, the fragile moment that wins and loses battles, the point of decision that propels you to get you fit or keeps you fat, it’s the thing that stands between you and greatness or is a stepping stone to greatness.

The “mpmphfhhph” moment is, ultimately, the fragile precipice upon which the battle of success and failure often precariously balance. 

It’s that decision point when you decide to reach for the snooze one more time or you turn off the alarm and get up to work out. It’s when you’re done with work, and you’re debating a workout and achieving your dreams–or watching TV while others achieve theirs. It’s the moment of decision between reaching for the Cookie Dough ice cream or plain kefir and green tea. 

It’s the “Mpmphfhfhph” moment.

So, how do you get beyond it? That moment? Because, fundamentally, it’s the decision that’s made in those moments that makes the difference. Intention is great, but it doesn’t mean snap if we never act on it. 

So I’m not sure how to get through that moment, we all face it in some or many areas of life. I don’t think there’s a formula but I do think there are some things we can do to prepare for it and “Just Do It” (which, incidentally, I think the people at Nike recognize is the reality of getting in shape–that it boils down to just doing it).

In the last few years I think I’ve learned a few things from my own experience as well as learning through others. One of these lessons I hope to blog about after I get a bit more practice and experience with successful application. 

Today, though, Rachel told me after the dialogue about the subject she felt better and was a bit more reinvigorated. “Ready to go”, she chided in her great accent. And I didn’t say anything, we just talked about it. Sometimes simply talking about it makes a difference.

And so does accountability. So as Rachel left my office she committed she was, despite some prior stuff scheduled this evening, committing to work out for 30-minutes tonight. Even if it were just walking. So I promised to hold her accountable and ask in the morning. 

So, good morning Rachel. I just have a quick question before we get going in the day: “Did you work out last night?” 🙂

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8 Replies to “Rachel, Did You Work Out?”

  1. Isn’t it interesting how powerful accountability can be? Congrats to you and Rachel for sticking in there. As inspired as I am I am on my way to the gym!

  2. That us it just do it…. but one needs a purpose to just do it… how about for the good of life and be a sample to others… one starts and the rest follow….

  3. I just read this…But I wanted to comment and say ‘thank you’ to Rachel for ‘just doing it’! (you knew the call was coming) It doesn’t matter what time it is or who you are Leaders always put themselves out there and take the first step, you may stumble and not like it however you will get up and keep going and the rest of us will follow, and as you look ahead you’re not alone either, the leaders before you have paved the way!

    I like this letter so much I am going to print it and place it in our fitness room to help encourage others to get throught that moment of ‘mpmphfph’.
    Thank you.

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