Thoughts from 3am


I have heard of counting sheep. Drinking warm milk. Reading boring text. Taking S4. Prayer and/or meditation. Ambien. And others, in order to fall asleep. At some point I have tried all of these things. But tonight, I thought I would add “Blogging” to the list of dream-inducing events.

I do not think this will become a very widespread sleep aid, because when you start to write your mind starts to churn…Next thing you know you’ve ripped open the bag containing a remaining few pieces of wheat-free oatmeal “Snackimals” (sorry RoZo, I owe you half a bag…and, yes, Dad realizes that I step over bounds when I eat snacks with cute characters on the front that carry a suffix of “imals”) and am slurping down some green tea while a racing mind transfers mid-night thoughts through synapses (who are neither increasing repair or reducing damage at this very moment) to a keyboard to the blog to your screen.images-1

So now I’ve got some calories, caffeine, and stimulus. All of which, in some way, must be related to a restful night sleep. But perhaps it will be a crash tomorrow night and thus restful, rather than tonight.

I think the restless energy I have is due to a few things. And I’m not just talking DNA, though that is also logical as well.

It has to do with hope and goals, and how the body and mind are intertwined with commitment.


For starters, I’m awake because I want to get in shape. I know this is a juxtaposition and sounds like an odd reason? But here’s the implication for the moment right now. I am happy that I’m making progress w/ my bodyfat goals; monthly I get a test to track results–my latest is 22%, down 1% from a month ago. But I am disappointed I’m not moving along fast enough at my current rate to get to 15% by end of my target date in June. And, it’s no one else’s fault but my own! I would like to blame a lot of sources, including the guy who invented putting Oreo’s into ice cream. But the reality is for me that losing bodyfat isn’t so easy and my focus is just on “shutting up and doing it”, apart from blogging about a few experiences along the way. And regardless of what got me in my physical shape today (ummmm, hmmmm….that would be me) it’s also my responsibility to get me out of it. And it’ll take more discipline and hard work and there’s a lot of moments when I won’t be liking the journey.

So the reason I’m restless is Spin class starts in a few hours and I was really determined before attempting to go to bed at a late hour to make it up in time for this class. You know when you don’t have many hours you can sleep in a night and then you’re worried you’re going to oversleep, so the little rest you were going to have simply gets more restless? Yeah, that’s what’s in play right now.

The other reason is that about three weeks ago I initiated a meeting for Univera’s top leadership that began this afternoon and continued through dinner. It’s a group called the Elite Leadership Group (ELG) which was an invitational meeting for select Blue Diamonds and FLC members. They’re the best of the best in our field organization (of course there are other great leaders as well–many of which come in later this afternoon at the Diamond level). So I’m hosting what is a “next level leadership session” and the starting point for this couldn’t have gone better. I’m not suggesting I drove the good start; to the contrary, what drove the good start is that the leaders came in with the aspiration to unify and focus on the things that matter most. In order that, as an organization, we have the ability to move forward with unsurpassed clarity and confidence in a business-market that lacks both in most current worldwide endeavors.

So I’m restless because of a racing mind filled with excitement about our business; the products, the culture, and the financial renewal that it can bring so many people. I’m excited about being united with a core group of people whose motives don’t need to be questioned. And I’m excited about the work session with have today, first with the ELG and then followed by an afternoon with the rest of our “all in” Diamond leadership in Univera. Someday we’ll look back on March 18-19 and see it as transformational. Not just the people who were there. But, more importantly, the commitment we collectively made to do the things that needed to be done to achieve greatness.

And with that, I’m now going to test my “blog-as-sleep-aid” theory to see if I was able to expel the energy and decompress for another hour of sleep–or if I just wound up all the more. 🙂

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  1. This sounds very exciting; on the cusp of the meetings tomorrow (I’ll be at the morning one) and the Super Regional in Portland…well, that might keep me up too 🙂

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