Reflections from Hilltop Gardens

richreganI’ve been on the road a lot the past two months. Singapore for the WFDSA, Australia for preliminary assessment, Road Tour, Super Regionals, among other activities and events. One that many of you might not be aware of is a recent trip to Lyford, Texas, where all the ECONET management participated in a three-year planning workshop at the Historical Home of Aloe.

On the way home I wrote an e-mail to a select group of leadership within the Company, and I felt compelled now to share these thoughts with the larger community of those embedded in our mission, purpose, and business together.

It was a brief three-day weekend but consisted of some serious business planning in addition to some great team-building and team-engaging activities.


Bill’s home on the property is gorgeous; it’s very comfortable, and while it’s not lavish, it’s exceptionally well-designed and decorated. The architectural dimensions are stunning; it’s a Spanish-style home and we enjoyed an impressive tour. From the entrance to Hilltop Gardens, to Bill’s home and all the gardens around it, the venue has a great energy and feeling to it. I’m really not sure how to describe it beyond simply feeling good. It’s like when you walk into someone’s home and you just feel comfortable, relaxed yet energized. It was that feeling for me, and I know many others.


Aloecorp CEO KS Yoon and COO Joseph Kim were fantastic hosts for the whole event, while Aloecorp CSO gave a willing supply of endless tours of the labs and countless stories of the amazing benefits of Aloe. Beyond learning more about Aloecorp and experiencing that part of the business firsthand — which makes this so much different than any other company or product provided to the marketplace, we also generated some great progress for our three-year plan.


More on the plan later, another day. For now, I’ll conclude by sharing my thoughts captured in an e-mail on the flight home from Hilltop Gardens. As I mentioned earlier, while the original audience was to the Blue Diamond and FLC leaders, it is also something that I feel can be shared with each of you as leaders as well; regardless of your rank it is through each of you and your impact that we will make a difference in each others lives, and the world.

Dear Blue Diamond and FLC Leaders, I write this email to each of you on my flight home from Lyford, Texas, where we conducted an ECONET-wide leadership retreat over the past three days at Hilltop Gardens, the Historical Farm of Aloe. It really is an email that could also be addressed to each of our Diamond leaders as well. Yet, in my heart right now, and for whatever reason, I am writing this to specifically to each of you Blue Diamonds and FLC leaders.

This past weekend all the key ECONET leaders, including Univera management, participated in a retreat where we worked to forge our 2009-2011 plans, and to solidify our success for the future as a Team. Beyond being highly productive for strategic planning purposes, it also served as a worthy reminder of the value of resources, heritage, commitment, and Teamwork.

My desire to write to you drew from reflections over this weekend—some about our past, but mostly about our future. Together. As a Team.

Click here to read the full e-mail.


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