A pretty big day

Yesterday was a big day. Really big. Not JUST for Univera and its associates, but for people across North America who need some form of physical, financial, or cultural renewal.

If you missed it, listen to the replay: 512-703-6112 option 7

January 1st will be an even bigger day when we announce our “Playing to Win” plan for 2009.

At a time when many companies are “hunkering down” and “playing defense” and forging forward with “layoffs”, “commission reductions” and “product de-hancements”, we’re instead taking the alternative approach.

We’re going on offense.

We’re getting more aggressive.

And we’re playing to win.

January 1st at 9am PST will unveil the “Playing to Win” plan via a video launched on www.univera.com, followed by a live field call (for anybody and everybody) to kick off the new year at 10am PST. Yesterday’s announcements were just a few examples of how we’re taking the current market scenario and moving aggressively to provide solutions and opportunities to those who need it the most.

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