Hannah Montana AND Tony Hawk

Hannah Montana AND Tony Hawk

In the last few weeks I’ve been touched by a few people who have sought as a personal endeavor to give people unexpected gifts and “make a moment.”

You might recall a few weeks ago I posted a story about skateboarding, and little Zoe’s cool new Hannah Montana skateboard for her birthday…and how I never got one growing up (side note to Mom and Dad: you guys gave us lots of great things going up, and importantly education and experiences, so no, I don’t think I needed a skateboard) but that I always wanted one.

About ten days ago Erica and RoZo came home and had a really big surprise for me. I could tell they were excited. Very excited. Giddy with energy, giggling and laughing and cackling.

Royce and Zoe guided me by the hand from the inside of our house, asking me every five seconds along the way if my eyes were closed, to the outside where they presented me with my very own…skateboard! This was one of those magical moments in the last year, clearly not because of the gift itself (at 35 one does not really covet a skateboard anymore, though there are other things with four wheels that I do enjoy) but because of the thought and excitement behind it, and that they knew for so many years it was the very thing I wanted as a child.

Yes, I’m even proud to admit that Zoe and I were cruising around on the Board later that weekend at the park–perhaps you’ll see us around town or at your neighborhood half pipe. Just in case you don’t believe me, and against my better judgment (clearly I don’t take myself TOO seriously) I’m posting some more evidence below.

So now we’ve gone from Hannah Montana to Tony Hawk (legendary Boarder). Or, at least a Hannah Montana wannabe to a Tony Hawk wannabe.

And, in the process, my kids (and Erica) helped me have a bit of fun in the process and made a moment as well.

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12 Replies to “Hannah Montana AND Tony Hawk”

  1. Hi rich
    very cool to see u on a skate. Little known fact , I grew up in Santa Cruz ca. And used a skate to get around on. Hope u and the family r well
    Hank baker

  2. That. Is. Sweet! You have an awesome family. I can’t wait to see the highlight reel on the big screen in Denver next year. Ha ha.

  3. After talking about this in Chicago, it was great to see the post.

    I agree with my friend James, highlights in Denver, or perhaps an onstage performance.

    Stay well!

  4. Hey Rich

    Very cool…A few months back I gave my 13 old step daughter a board for her birthday and brought her to our local skate park. She loved it! As for me I grew up in Santa Monica (Dog Town) in the seventies and we started the extreme skate board movement (my buddies were the original Z Boyz) If you get a chance watch the ‘Lords of Dogtown’, a great movie based on that era, with Heath Ledger.

    Needless to say the day after I gave Katie her board I rushed out and got one myself and ‘ate it’ hard on the very first ramp and tweaked my knee! That was in April and I haven’t been on it since.

    Have fun and be careful!

  5. Ouch! Well, I’ve taken it easy. I didn’t quite have enough bravery to post the video of me riding b/c it was so uninspiring, but it was pretty safe!

  6. Great seeing you in Chi-town…I think your asking me about the board in Portland spurred Erica to go for it!

  7. Ha, I’m going to have to really jam on my skills if you want to see it on the big screen! Thanks, I do have an awesome family, this was one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received–all about the emotion and sentiment of it.

  8. Your story illustrates so clearly how our thought shape our futures.

    Your kids are a treasure! Keep offering great value in your blog. I appreciate your leadership.


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