Free Hugs

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I saw this video about Juan Mann, and his simple desire to change the world in a small way by offering people free hugs, and at first I even scoffed at it. Cute, I thought, but maybe it’s a front. Initially skeptical yet intrigued.

But then I did a little bit more reading and research on Wikipedia, and I think this guy is the real deal. With a real mission. Albeit, a simple one.

What do I admire about Juan Mann? That he took a step out of inspiration (or need) and that he just kept stepping.

It wouldn’t be my step, but that’s alright. It was his, something he was passionate about, and out of a personal challenge arose an opportunity to change–in very simple ways–the lives of individuals around the world. And, as leaders, that’s the type of opportunity that presents each of us every day.

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  1. Isn’t it interesting how we can listen to our kids and they know things that President bloggers write about? I find that really interesting. She said, when we were watching the video, “oh free hugs.” You know about this, I asked? She said, “sure.” What’s it about I asked. She said, “love.” That’s it? She said, kindly, “yep, that’s it.” Huh. 47 million people think it’s worth watching. She has friends that have participated in it, too, I have learned. Making a difference without a motive is interesting stuff.

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