Another Goodbye (not as in final-final!)

Following is a final Convention highlights and recap “goodbye”, starting with my own message to you and then followed by various clips from the Saturday session. Thanks again to everyone who participated, and also to all of the various (and many) Univera employees that worked so hard on this event.

And, by the way, thanks to all of those (and encouragement to others!) for your comments to the various blog entries along the way. Enjoy your Fourth of July, I hope it’s an exceptional and safe weekend for each of you.

Mr. Lee Encourages Everyone to Cheer our 10-year Anniversary

Blue Diamonds Al & Jan Keranen accept the 2009 YunHo Lee Award.

Diamond Associates Dr. Michael and Lisa Kaufman accept the Associate of the Year Award for 2009.

Diamond Associates David and Becky Ylinen receive the Rob Kalnitsky Award.

Reds are ‘Born to be Wild.’

Mrs. World 2007 Diane Tucker speaks from stage.

Boxer and “The Contender” star Joey Gilbert speaks from stage.

Singing “Sweet Caroline,” karaoke-style.

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7 Replies to “Another Goodbye (not as in final-final!)”

  1. Thanks for the all updates and videos. That was a great evening indeed. Happy Independence Day! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for all the updates and the behind the scenes glimpses of the convention. We’ll use them to inspire ourselves and motivate others for 2010 in Denver. May you, Erica and the girls have a great 4th.
    Thought for 2019. “Twenty Years – No Borders!”

  3. Your hard work as well as that of the entire Univera team was evident throughout the convention. Thank you for the passion and heart you dedicate to this effort and your work on a daily basis–we can see it very clearly out here in the field. I really appreciated the personal story you shared about your father and how that served as an inspiration for you. It is truly a blessing to have a father as an example or better yet as a hero. As you consider alternative areas of focus or themes for next year, consider how “team” plays such a central role in what you do and what the field does to succeed and how we can learn about maximizing the effectiveness of teams at convention. The ability to work with and through teams, particularly in a cross-cultural environment as Univera expands globally, will become even more critical. This will be the story of Univera over the next ten years! I leave you with the following video clip about an amazing team to serve as inspiration to you this year and beyond: All the best from the Chicago team!

  4. John, all I can offer is a very humble “thank you” and, again, thank so many of the team and field that made such a great event happen. That event will stand as one of my most favorite business memories.

    Yes, it is amazing to have a dad as a hero, I hope someday my kids will look at me the same way. In fact, just as I wrote that sentence one of my daughters is hugging up on me (Royce) and she said “I wish I could marry you, Dad”, so perhaps there’s hope that I can keep some type of hero status. πŸ™‚

    Such a spectacular video clip re. Team Hoyt, I never tire of watching and hearing the exceptional story that touches on so many levels–it is a magical example of some of the incredible gifts people can give to each other, family or otherwise. Thanks for your comment and contribution to the blog.

  5. Thank you so much Raz for allowing us to see all our friends and associates in Univera
    Unfortunately this is the first convention we have missed since being an associate and we never really got to see videos or pictures such as you provided this year and it was a real pleasure for us to see. Lord willing and my body recuperates we will be in Colorado next year.

  6. Hi Charles, so glad you were able to see glimpses of Convention. I am sorry you were unable to attend, BUT, I have great confidence that I will see you in Denver. And thanks for tuning in along the way via the blog to see some snippets–my colleague April did a GREAT job capturing various video segments (thanks again April, you are a rock star!). Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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