Evening Session

What a great assembly of folks from Univera North America and Univera Korea. The evening is going to be wonderful — just check out the crowd gathering around Bill Lee!

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7 Replies to “Evening Session”

  1. Wow, inspiring doesn’t quite cover the feeling this weekend. Thank you for all of your hard work with your team in putting together an amazing weekend. I am more inspired, motivated and determined to make a difference and leave a legacy for future generations to follow.

    Be well and thank you again!!


    Fontana, WI (Chicago Team!!)

  2. Hi Chrissy, thanks for the read and also your kind words. It was an amazing TEAM effort, indeed. And I am glad for your motivation and determination which will change the future of many people to come beyond just yours. I loved your energy at the event, thanks again for helping to make it our best so far! -Raz

  3. Raz, this was my first convention. I was soooo impressed. It was quite the inspiration and also confirmation. I found out that Univera is indeed what it claims to be. Seeing it all in person gives one a different perspective. You all did a PHENOMENAL job!
    Thank you so much,
    Ulli Limpitlaw, brand new BRONZE, Greeley, CO

    PS We missed you at the race.

  4. Hi Ulli, thanks so much for the kind words. HUGE team effort and everyone did do a great job. I was so bummed I missed the race–but my body went into such a state of “repair” that I missed hearing several alarm clocks!

  5. You deserved the rest!

    I was so proud of Richard. He got up and ran the whole race… he’s not even a runner! He’s not even sore today thanks to Protectin! Raz, you would not believe how fragile he was when I met him. He is an amazing example of Renewal!

    Thanks for an amazing convention. This was my 9th and best!
    Love Patti

  6. Dearest Raz-

    This was my 7th convention and I am in agreement with Patti Ross. This was the very, very best and I know you will top it next year in Denver. I had many, many new people in Seattle who are sooooooo very excited to have found “their tribe”. Thanks for being the heartbeat of this amazing company. Your and you team are shinning the light for so many.

    Much love to all,
    Dianne Mc Courtney

  7. Hi Dianne…Okay, so I got your email and I’ll take your suggestion. Thanks for your kind compliment, I greatly appreciate it. Was so great to see you, I just wish we’d had more time together. See you soon!

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