And now…a commercial break

Earlier this year, we announced our second Univera commerical contest to coincide with Convention 2009, which was open to all Field Associates. The 2-minute or less commercials ideally promoted either Univera overall, its products, or the business opportunity. They were judged on originality, creativity, and message.

We announced that James and Jesse Furlo were the winners of this year’s Univera commercial contest at this morning’s session! What’d they get for their creation: ‘How do you drink AgelessXtra’? A trip for two to Convention 2010, including 2 roundtrip airline tickets! Congratulations, guys! Check out the winning video below.

The very very close runner up picked up a $100 Pike Place Market gift certificate by submitting this brilliant fishing-themed video: ‘Live Longer…Fish Stronger’

I want to thank all of you who simply couldn’t contain your enthusiasm for Univera and just had to channel your creativity into conceptualizing and executing these great pieces! Thank you for your spirit and participation. See some of the other entries below:

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4 Replies to “And now…a commercial break”

  1. Awesome commercials! Thanks to everyone who supported James and I for our commercial…we will see you in Colorado!

    Jessi Furlo

  2. I also want to give a shout out to our awesome friend and composer…Hijirah Kem, who let us use one of her tracks for the background music! We used the song called “Edible Freedom” which we thought was very fitting πŸ™‚

    Check out her music and art here:


  3. Hi Rich,

    Two quick post-convention stories for you… πŸ™‚

    When I got home from convention my little girl (3 yrs) asked me what my Serve First bracelet was. “Well, it means I help other kids…like when you say ‘help mom!’ and I come help you. ‘Cause some kids don’t have any food…no mealtime…so I give them some food.”
    She said “huh?” a great many times, being still slow with language, and I tucked her in goodnight and left it at that.
    First thing this morning she came to me, pointed to my wrist again, and said, “everybody eat now?”
    I was so touched at convention by all that Serve First is and does.
    I intend to wear my bracelet always.

    A Lucky Quarter
    Today after playing at the playground we were just walking away when I saw a quarter on the ground. “Look Maddy!” I said. My little girl picked it up and said, “Oh! Somebody drop it!” “Yes,” I said, “I wonder who dropped it…do you think it was that guy over there?”
    “Nope.” She said, and instead pointed to an old fellow sitting on the bench with his wife. “Well, we better give it back to him then, eh?” She agreed so we went over to give a stranger a quarter, and ultimately teach my three year old to think of others, not just herself. The couple were in their 60s, and both had canes leaning beside them. Knowing that I could potentially help them, I got into a half hour conversation with them (which was 95% listening!) After hearing that he was on a list to get on a list to get on a list to get a hip replacement and hearing him bemoan the state of health care in Alberta, I said to him, “wow, I’m sure in the right business. I have something natural that could help you if you are interested.” He almost jumped off the bench to say yes, please. So I went to my car where I always keep a box of regenicare and got him a gift.
    As I drove away I thanked my daughter for being so patient, and for introducing me this wonderful prospect. Every moment is an opportunity!

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