Why Seattle???

Today I’m reposting a video from a year ago as we prepare for a really exceptional event in Seattle NEXT WEEK! 

June 26th and 27th (though the 70’s celebration band/bash starts on Thursday night the 25th, as well as some great workshops earlier that afternoon) we’re going to be celebrating Univera’s 10th year anniversary, learning from the best of the best in business building which includes some great keynotes from Paul Zane Pilzer, Neil Offen (Prez of DSA), and Tim Sales. 

There’s personal development with Taylor Hartman and others, a deep reach into our culture where we’ll talk about the great work being done by Serve First and other volunteerism projects, some evening comedic relief with Michael Junior, and a lot of fabulous workshops. 

This entire event is focused on…getting all of us the next level.

Professionally (get to the next rank!), physically (run or walk the 5k, eat healthier!), and culturally (let’s increase contributions to the children needing nourishment, and give more time!). 

So in honor of next weeks event, and all the merits in coming to Seattle, I’m reposting a video that I made last year which is a plug for all the great reasons to come to Convention to experience the amazing city of Seattle. 

Keep in mind SOME of the content is outdated. For example, the dates themselves. 🙂

And the theme, though you can still “Dream, Achieve, Live” if you want to. 

But, there are even more benefits to the program we’re putting on this year for you and your business, and all the virtues of coming to Seattle are still alive and well. So, come and enjoy–and I look forward to celebrating with you soon.

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2 Replies to “Why Seattle???”

  1. Raz,

    I am terribly sad I will not be attending my 3rd in a row Univera convention. I had to sell my tickets I bought at the last convention as I have been fighting Leukemia since last convention. I went through 9 months of chemo with me in the hospital for 4 months off and on. I was in the hospital for a month of isolation in the beginning then I would go home for a couple of weeks and back the hospital for more isolation. I took Essentials and Aloe Gold the whole time. I know it is one of the reasons I am doing good now. I am in remission. Yea for me! I did have a scare two weeks ago that Leukemia was back but test showed no. Thank God I am still in remission.

    I recently sold my tickets as I am not able to fly or be around in crowds. It broke my heart to know I won’t be part of Univera’s 10 yr convention celebration. I was hoping that Univera was going to be the book end of Leukemia as I came home from Seattle very sick to go back this year was my goal that life took out of my control in achieving.

    You call me motorcycle Miller all because my sister, Trinette scared you for life. I wanted you to personally know I will dearly miss you, Stephen, Bill Lee, Regen and the energy of Univera’s convention. I will keep taking Univera’s wonderful products to help me through my recovery to build a healthier body in 2010. See you next year!


    PS Your blog is awesome. You are an amazing human being.

  2. Dear Lynette,

    I remember you and your sister well; yeah, I’ve not forgotten the motorcycle stories. I’m sorry that I didn’t know about your Leukemia–so thankful that you are in remission.

    I am sitting here in my hotel room in Seattle preparing for the big event this week. Earlier today I was asked if I was nervous about the event. I wasn’t sure how to answer it, because I am a little, but mostly I feel great–prepared and excited, surrounded by an incredible team of corporate people who are working so hard for each of you, as well as aligned with some incredible field associates.

    Perhaps any anxiety that I feel is in thinking about all of those who are coming, and even those like you who are not able to, and in wanting so strongly to ensure that everybody has an exceptional time during this event so the flames of inspiration and determination can continue and spread when they return home.

    As I read your comment this evening as I work on my presentation it really touched me. Because it’s people like you that make all of this worth doing. Thank you for your kind words, and more so thank you for your courage and positive outlook on life–you are an inspiration.

    We will miss your at this event, but look forward to celebrating with you at many more in the future.

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