Last Wednesday night was the season finale of LOST. 

There are few TV shows that I watch, but I love this one. I blogged about it a while ago and one of the things that I mentioned I enjoyed is the depth of character development. Some people really hate the show, and I get it. You can’t just watch a few minutes, even an episode, and really dig it–it requires a bit of patience and knowledge of how the story unfolds (even then you might not love it, but it would be tougher to dislike). 

Once you get into it, it’s hard to let go. Once again, I’m reminded–especially by the finale–here’s what I love about the show: it’s comprised of people seeking redemption. And it relates to their own personal journey, and to some degree their personal leadership, on this pathway to redemption. 

Ultimately, what it is that each of the characters are trying to do is try to realize their purpose, and each are working towards some type of redemption for things done–or perhaps undone–from their past. And, in LOST, the Island represents, and their life on it is a shot at just that. 

I love stories about redemption. Not just those in Lost–but Paul Potts. Susan Boyle. Slumdog Millionaire. It’s the feel-good-we-can-all-do-something-better part that I love. 

Ultimately, more than perhaps most of us will even acknowledge, this desire for redemption tugs at each of us. To some more than others. But each of us has a part of their life that they want to redeem from the past.

I’ve got mine, and you’ve got yours.

Some are worth sharing, and others are so internal and personal that they’re not for public consumption. And some are so deep within us we don’t even know it exists, at least not yet. Especially the unexamined lives. 

It’s one of the many very cool things about life in college–each Semester is, in some ways, the start of a new beginning. It’s like a “do-over” every few months. Even if you were pretty good the previous Semester, you’ve got a chance to be better. And if you botched up the prior Semester, you’ve got a chance to do it right again…a faster shot at redemption. 

But in real life it’s much slower, harder, more intentional, and the payoff is bigger but the work is tougher. Yet it’s really rewarding, and ultimately each of us have a part of us that seek it. That’s the story of Lost. And it’s also a glimpse into each of us.

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