Depressed? Take a walk.

obamaThere’s some great information in the current news about health and exercise. But you have to look carefully, it’s buried deep beneath all the financial news that’s on the forefront.

From talk about Barack Obama’s disciplined and consistent six-day-a-week workouts (similar to George W. Bush as well) to some recent information about mental health–specifically depression–and exercise.

I used to discount the importance of emotional health in life, but I suppose after personal experiences and some years of learning and wisdom I have learned how important this is for physical success but also in other areas of our lives.
Like most people, I would like to feel and look great. Or, at least better. And, like many people, I can find a bunch of reasons why not to exercise consistently–especially when I’m traveling and going through a busy season.

bushBut these reasons are just excuses, and none of them are good. And the rational reasons to exercise continue to mound, the most recent one comes from columnist and nutritional expert Tara Parker-Pope.

Lack of Exercise Explains Depression-Heart Link
For years cardiologists and mental health experts have known that depression raises risk for heart attack by 50 percent or more.

But what hasn’t been clear is why depressed people have more heart problems. Does depression cause some biological change that increases risk? Does the inflammatory process that leads to heart disease also trigger depression?

The answer may be far simpler. A new study suggests that people who are depressed are simply less likely to exercise, a finding that explains their dramatically higher risk for heart problems.

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  1. Rich you may see a lot of people out walking today and I know that I do as much as my feet and legs allow me to walk. I am loosing the ability to walk now days and so it is a precious ability that I may soon loose. But there is other forms of exercise.

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