A Taste of Seattle

Univera Friends,

Convention is quickly approaching…If you’re coming, get ready. We’re going to have a blast together. If you’re on the fence, well, the content and training/celebration alone would make it worthwhile. But the city of Seattle is outstanding as well!
Join me on a brief video tour below of this magnificent city as we build excitement towards July 10th and our “Dream. Achieve. Live.” Convention.

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6 Replies to “A Taste of Seattle”

  1. Loved the video… we totally believe you on the whole Dr. Space Needle creator guy! Keep bloggin’!

  2. Thanks Raz for sharing your experiences. Very encouraging and inspiring and love to hear the adventures of the corporate team.

    This will be the 3rd Annual Univera Convention that I will be attending. I am very excited as every convention I attend the momemtum in our team grows.
    I am mostly excited for the people in my team who have members in their team coming. To see them achieve their dreams and goals.

    It is also a great community to be involved with and seeing all the people every year looking younger and younger!!

    Looking forward to seeing you and the corporate team. πŸ™‚

  3. Mez lezks yezr vezdeo. Mez theznks yezu shezld wezrk ezt thez fezsh mezrkezt…fezll tezme.



    Loved the video sure wish I could have been there this year but just started with UV and plan to be there next year with all my family too.

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