Convention: Today’s Top Five!

So it’s right around the corner, before you know it we’ll be upon our annual Convention with several thousand excited Univerians right here in Seattle. And, as we count the days down, we’re counting up the top reasons to get excited about this coming Convention.

There are a lot of exciting things about this year’s Convention; yesterday, I was on the phone for nearly an hour with Jim MacLaren who is one of our keynote speakers. I’ll save some highlights for another blog entry. In short, you will simply be amazed with not just his story but also his perspective. You can learn more by visiting his website:

The Diamond Support Team, a core group of super individuals who work hard on behalf of each of the Diamond leaders, has a white board in their office which serves as a parking lot for funny quips, quotes, and expressions. This week, it’s the home for their top five reasons to attend our annual event. You’ll see each of them, and their top five list, in the picture below.

If you have a few that you’d like to add to the list, please just submit a comment to one of these postings.

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    1. It feeds my soul — the enthusiasm, camaraderie, fun, friendship and vision are soul food.

    2. It feeds my mind — so much info and so many new ideas that inspire me to overcome blocks and improve my business.

    3. I get to be with family — my team, other teams, newcomers … kindred spirits sharing, laughing, dancing together.

    4. I see the amazing increase in health and vibrancy of people who I haven’t seen for a year.

    5. I get to thank personally the many leaders and corporate staff who so consistently serve us all.

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