Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day!

A quick blog entry here on Sunday, Mother’s Day so that I can thank all the Moms out there for everything they have done to provide and care for their families and loved ones.

I didn’t think to write anything for today, yet during church this morning it dawned on me that I should at least provide a quick thank you and note of gratitude to all those out there who have changed the lives of so many—and often by doing so in low profile ways that many would not even recognize or notice on many, or enough, occasions.

Thanks to each of you Moms, as well as a personal thanks to my Mom who was immeasurably patient and loving with each of my family members (I’m the oldest with four younger sisters). My parents are both incredible people but in many ways complete opposites, my Dad being one who is a spectacular and high achieving person who was the one who really challenged and pushed us. Yes, the Friday-night Wall Street Journal article review stories of me and my Dad (and even a few sisters) at a very young age are completely true. And, yes I have had an “inbox” since the age of six. My first Day-Timer planner when I was ten or eleven…You get the idea.

My Mom, on the other hand, counter-balanced this with a plethora of patience and a willingness to let us slow down and enjoy life, she taught me about kindness and compassion.

So each of us have had unique experiences growing up with parents, or for those who didn’t have both or either parent growing up with them there were, essentially, those who stepped in to make a special and life-lasting impact.

So this is really gratitude and acknowledgment of all the Moms out there, not just Moms by birth but for any of you who have had the type of Mom-like impact on someone else over the course of your life.

I’m convinced that being a good Mom is probably one of the best representations of Servant Leadership that exists today. Thank you.

If anyone wants to give a note of gratitude to your Mom, or Moms in general, even belatedly, please use the comments feature. Best to each of you.

P.S. Thanks also to my wife, Erica, for being such a great mom to our two little kiddos: Royce and Zoe. Pictured above is Zoe who decided to run errands with me this past Sunday because, as she said it, “I wanted to come with you today so you could have some fun.”

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  1. I grew up from my perspective in a paradise with my 6 brothers and sisters on a prairie farm. My dad passed away when I was six (second youngest) and I always wondered “How did my mother make it all happen?”

    I had the honour to be the main care giver in latter years of her life aNd I got a clear picture on how she saw life.

    She was very giving of her time, cared about other people and counted her blessing.(i.e. My mom was very thankful amongst all that goes on in life that none of us went to jail) She was an amazing person and I thank her every day for what she thaught me.

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