Sunny Days in Denver

eddy-wittry-hostingDenver has something like 364 days of sunshine a year. We came on day number 365.

Okay, that’s a little hyperbole. Maybe it’s something like 310 days of sunshine a year. Regardless of the clouds and off/on snow in May, our brief time together in Denver was fantastic.

post-event-mingling2Stephen came to Denver a day early, Rengen (not a typo, read previous blog entries) and I were en route yesterday on a much delayed flight that put us in just about in time to catch the tail end of the Leadership reception.

Nearly 400 attended this evening’s event, really a strong turnout for the day of the week and weather. Coming back to Denver is really like a second home for me, with both the people and the geography. While I ultimately love nearly every place we travel, both California and Colorado are idyllic to me.

half-of-400Denver is quite a diverse group of business professionals, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, moms who work at home, and on and on. It’s a very passionate and diverse group of people.

Eddy Wittry hosted the event, and he’s such a credible and rational voice. His background, having worked in some very high profile roles at some fantastic companies, simply reaffirms—to me—the uniqueness and appeal of Univera. Here’s a guy who is immeasurably talented and could be involved in any business endeavor he practically desires, yet he dedicates a considerable portion of his time and energy to Univera. He sees the vision, the power to change peoples lives, the impact of residual income. By the way, he also has a great family and I got to see again two of his fantastic kids this evening.

i-am-dino-dgreat-testimonialsTonight’s testimonials were good and I always get a kick out of Dino’s story as well as his intro (“I AM Dino D”…If you’ve heard him you know exactly what I mean), his story really is so powerful of how he’s transformed physically over the past two and a half years.

Just recently, as a Company we started sending out these “Power of Four” pins. You can see one modeled here nicely by Ed Cook in the bottom left photo. If you look closely, or click on the picture, you’ll see a close up of the pin which represents a pretty cool designation. Notice his pin says “12”, which means that he has 12 frontline Customers or Associates on Convenience Plan. So this pin and the number simply represents the frontline associates or customers on CP, and the pins range in increments of four from 4 to 20. Great job Ed!!! 12-frontline on CP is excellent. Keep an eye out for these pins, I’m still looking for the person who is wearing the first “20” pin, but am thrilled to see so many with 4, 8, and 12.

check-out-that-pinAt every meeting Regan opens up pretty early with a slide of a quote from a famous movie. For those that will still be on the tour I’ll save both the quote and reference for the real presentation. Here’s the funny part, at least to me. Every time Regan flashes the quote on the Power Point he asks the audience “What movie is this from?”

And about every time, 99% of the audience answers it correctly. The other 1% I end up sitting next to, and Stephen responds by blurting out “Animal House!!!”

I can assure you, the quote Rengen’s giving is not from Animal House. So it continues to give me a bit of a chuckle when Stephen does this and a few others have noticed it as well. So, tonight at the conclusion of the event, John Rogers on behalf of the Denver leadership team, gave us as memento copies of the movie Animal House. Very clever and cute, another memorable and fun moment.

the-other-half-of-400This morning we’re off to Oklahoma City—the first time anyone from Corporate has ever been there on Univera business, and then onto Dallas, Texas in the afternoon for an evening event.

road-tour-oklahoma-and-dallas-002We started the morning right with a bite to eat at McDonalds (actually, we DID eat healthy—none of those fried potatoes containing that poison commonly known by humankind and potatokind as acrylamide) and then continued the journey with three journeymen posing for a raucous flight in the photo taken below.


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