Power Up!!!

cutout-execsTwo years ago a small group of us attended Univera Korea’s 30-year celebration at their annual Convention. 30,000 people in the Daejon World Cup stadium in Korea. Despite cold and clammy weather, it was an incredible event attended by nearly every Univera Associate in Korea.

Most Conventions are intended for the “mid-level Associates” and up (equivalent to our Silvers or Golds) and only last a half day, so the 30th celebration years ago was quite unusual.

power-up-crowdYesterday, over 2,000 very excited Univera Associates donning color-coded team uniforms kept an electric energy throughout their 2008 “Power Up” annual Convention. In the below photograph, you can see the two talented–and fun–Univera CEOs, Regan Miles and Don Kim. Who, interestingly, were both CEOs of Unigen Pharmaceuticals before their move to Univera.

regan-and-donThe Univera Korea business model, given that it originated over 30-years ago, is uniquely different than ours in North America and is more like a unilevel model. That particular structure will stay in Korea, the model we take worldwide will be like that of what exists in North America.

Their Convention is really oriented more like a dynamic four-hour performance, rather than a training or development initiative. It’s about as different as you can imagine from a Univera event in North America, but every attendee loved it. Early on, Bill opened the event (below right) with a rousing and inspiring speech that served to set the tone for a packed afternoon of recognition and fun.

bill-speakingMany famous entertainers performed, including the “Elvis of Korea” (yes, he swaggered like him and even fashioned modernized Elvis dress attire) as well as an apparently hilarious comedian–it’s tougher to get the jokes when they’re all in Korean and you don’t speak the language–sprinkled with recognition throughout the entire event.

The entertainment expanded from the “traditional” forms of singing and dancing to what a North American might call “non-traditional” activities for what we might expect at a Convention.

What do I mean by non-traditional? Well, skits on stage being done by Associates–including Blue Diamonds–would be one. Or, a Blue Diamond with a well choreographed dance performance is another–when I return to the States I’ll upload a video clip. The lead dancer is one of Univera Korea’s top producing Blue Diamonds…Perhaps an idea for this year’s Convention? Pretty amazing for someone whose full time vocation is Univera!

Another unique component was the ceremonial induction of their top Blue Diamond of the year by carrying her into the event, literally, on a chariot of sorts amongst the crowd (don’t get any ideas, future Blue Diamonds!). It was very charming, and her daughter sang at the event preceding her recognition. Very touching, and she had a gorgeous voice. Finally, one that we really got a kick out of was the short presentation of ten Korean bodybuilders who stood and posed for a few minutes on stage as part of the ceremony. Perhaps a reinforcement on the importance of Wellness? Not sure, and I’ll spare the picture for now…Regardless, the crowd thought it was a hoot.


The Associates loved every minute of the entire event. An incredible success, my genuine congratulations to all my friends and colleagues in Korea for a spectacular event as well as gratitude for being such excellent hosts.

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