Do what you Love, Love what you Do

I get inspired watching someone who is an expert at whatever they do, doing it and doing it well. And it is simply icing on the cake when it is clear that they also love their jobs.

Jack Borden is a 101-year-old attorney. He clearly doesn’t need to continue practicing law at his age, but he views his work as energizing and rewarding.

“I have to use a walker because of old age, so there’s not much else I could do except sit in my house. Why do that when I can not only enjoy life, but help some people?”

He’s what grabbed my attention in this story I saw recently about working seniors, as he reminded me of so many Univera Associates who — at various stages in their lives — have found fulfillment in sharing our opportunities for financial and physical renewal with others.

It was just another reminder of how important it is to have passion and a sense of purpose in what you do.

I am heartened, but hardly surprised, whenever I hear of someone who has experienced something life-changing with Univera. Our passion, like Jack’s, is to help people.

Including those not as fortunate as Jack to have a life-long career. Their stories of financial struggles are also told in the article below.

Speaking for the Univera community, isn’t it great to know that you have something you can share with people like these, to help them find not only a viable way to support their livelihoods but also a way to apply purpose to their lives?

Jack Borden would like you to consider working well past retirement age. As a 101-year-old attorney, he has the credibility to encourage it.
Borden, who has been practicing law for the better part of 70 years, still spends about 40 hours a week at his office in Weatherford, Texas, handling estate planning, probate and real estate matters.
Retire? Not while he’s able to help folks.

Click here to read the full story.

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