An Unexpected Gift

This is probably one of the most amazing stories I’ve heard in quite some time…Words don’t do justice to it, so if you read the article and like it I’d suggest you also watch the video. What an incredible story of an unexpected gift.

Although Phoenix cab driver Tom Chappell insists he always knows where he’s going, he has been known to miss a turn or two.
Such was the case the day we rode with him, and such was the case a few months ago, the day Tom got called to the home of Rita Van Loenen.
“I was running about 30 minutes late. When I finally did pick her up she was not a happy camper,” said Tom.
“Well, I mean I’m expecting a cab driver to be able to find his way,” said Rita.

Read and watch this story.

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8 Replies to “An Unexpected Gift”

  1. Wow , That was powerful and touching to say the least . Rich I can see why you posted it. It is so you and what your about !

  2. I have a friend going through a similar health crisis so this really touched me. What a reminder that angels live among us and show up in such unexpected ways.

  3. What a lesson! A great reminder that you never know the final results of any of the many daily interactions we all have. Never discount anyone!

    “Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us that makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves.”
    Helen Keller

  4. You can’t tell me things “just happen for no reason”. There is a reason things happen the way they do. This video is proof of that, this woman will regain her health and this man will be reunited with his family, we have a MIGHTY GOD!!! who moves in ways we might not always understand but He does none the less. Thanks for sharing Rich.

  5. Today as in several days recently I have been set back with people in our lives doing things that we can not control. As I sat here feeling helpless I decided to go to Rich’s blog. I think of how he is in Las Vegas tonight and still seems to find time to share his thoughts.
    I found this story and was struck with remembering that I can only control what I do and that if I always remember to do and say from a place of Love, a quote from a book I am reading called GOD IN THE MIRROR it helps me to become the person that appreciates the goodness in all people.
    This man was very brave to do what he said he would. We could all take a lesson.

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