With Dad Laid Off…New York Times

24bethtwo1_650This “With Dad Laid Off” New York Times article one isn’t easy to read, partly because it’s so familiar. And while reading it I was reminded of a quote “When one person dies it’s a tragedy, when thousands die it’s a statistic.”

I don’t think the current economic environment is quite as difficult as death, though I expect there are some who in a different situation than me who might debate the point. This article is a sobering reminder of statistics personalized.

Yet, I also see so much hope threaded throughout this; perhaps easier for me to say, because I don’t share the exact same circumstance as the family in this article. But the opportunity they have to transform as a family, to grow, and to change is significant.
But, beyond this, the fundamental nature of such significant financial (and emotional) need right now is also the reason for the belief and passion I have about the Direct Selling Industry.

It represents so many things; in the right company and environment it represents the opportunity for incredible personal development and a chance to make an impact, with an identity. An opportunity for community and connection.

And the ability for financial freedom.

Some people think of financial freedom as never having to worry about money again; and, for some, if you can resist the urge to keep jamming up your lifestyle, the Direct Selling environment can be just that. But I think a lot of people see freedom as not having to worry about how to pay the mortgage this month. Or groceries. Childcare. School. Books. Even something as simple as an evening out for Pizza.

It’s not just about helping contribute to some random person…It’s about helping the Winklers. Or people like them. And that is, precisely, one of the reasons why I’m so excited about the opportunity that exists in this industry, and the impact that each of us can have.

Finally, regardless of all this, this New York Times article is a strong reminder of the compassion we should have for others in financial circumstances–coupled with all sorts of angst and upheaval–that are all around us at any point of the day. Like everybody else, there’s little to like about the current economic environment we’re in. Yet, as an American, I sometimes wonder that amidst all of the challenges if this isn’t an opportunity for people to get regrounded, for us to better learn and extend compassion (and in comparison to others throughout the world, the Winkler’s still have it pretty easy–as difficult their situation is) and prioritize our lives according to the things that really make a difference.

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. — Among the flotsam and jetsam that gather over the years in a home, there is now the random taillight behind the Winklers’ living room couch. And a 1967 Buick Riviera dashboard under the desk. When jobs are short and the savings account dwindles, selling spare parts on the Internet can help put braces in mouths, and pay a credit card bill or two.
“Check it out,” Phil Winkler said, hoisting a chrome piece of trunk onto his lap. “This one is next.”
Unemployed for a year, Mr. Winkler, 41, who until last August had never lost a job, has sold his favorite car, canceled the cable and is now scavenging junkyards for auto parts that he resells on eBay.

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