Last week has been incredibly busy, as you can tell from a blogging absence of EIGHT days (cringe!) with a lot of work activity along with business travel, some volunteering with the Olympia Hands On Children’s Museum, and then finally a bit of a personal vacation that started this week (but I’m headed to Portland to help w/ the big close this weekend and Monday!!!).

I’m ever-trying-to-improve on the work/family balance thing, and have gotten better during the last year. There’s no nobility in losing your life to work, yet there’s still much admiration and pride to be had in working exceptionally hard. It just requires a balance, all of which I’m still on my journey learning. Sometimes a little love can be all the reminder you need.

Last week I went to Salt Lake City for a few days and I departed on Thursday morning. I awoke around 5am, did one of my P9ox workouts, did emails for an hour, made breakfast for the family, finished packing, and was hustling out the door to catch my plane. And, amidst all of that, I probably wasn’t giving enough attention to the kids or didn’t just take five minutes to stop and really be present with them.

So as I’m hustling out the door, knowing I was going to be pushing the limits of my departure time, little Zoe comes running out the door to give me one last thing. And, at first, the honest thought that came to my head was “this is really a little annoying…I HAVE to get going!”

Then her little barefoot steps quickly pattered out to the car, wearing her pink Hannah Montana nightgown with the morning breeze whisping her blond little locks and a wry little smile Zoe ran to my car and handed me a picture who simply said “I wanted you to have something to remember me by, and I want you to know that I love you.” With that, a smile, a kiss, and a turn, and she headed back into the house. It was one of those moments that will give me a long-time reminder of the role I REALLY have as a dad, and in the process she gave me the gift of a simple act that made my week–and it didn’t cost me a thing, other than 60 seconds to slow down and receive it. A little bit of love.

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2 Replies to “Love”

  1. Rich,
    What a wonderful little girl. Has to make you so proud that you have done such a Great job showing her how much her dads loves and protects her always, Her Hero Daddy!!
    Have a great one Buddy!

  2. Raz – Again, I am grateful for your willingness to share your personal experiences with all of us. What a treasure your family is.

    Enjoy your family time!

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