Secret Diet Revealed!


It’s finally arrived. The secret diet. It’s the magic bullet. And it all comes from a peer reviewed medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine.
Ready? Would you guess South Beach? Atkins? Zone? Pritikin? Grapefruit diet? The amazing Inthinity System from Univera? (
You’re wrong.
And you’re right!
The magic diet? It simple. It’s the diet called Sticking to it.”
Seriously, that’s what the findings were from the New England Journal of Medicine. The short of it was that, generally speaking, any diet will work so long as you stick with it (which is the harder part). Despite lacking any type of nutrition background, from personal study even I would debate with the study author the importance of whole grains, a low glycemic index, lean meats, organically grown if possible, and the like.


But I think the results here are telling–which is that while all of that might be important, when trying to achieve weight loss what matters most is simply sticking with it.
Which is why I have never mocked anyone for spending–even wasting perhaps–a lot of money on exercise equipment or DVD’s or meal plans or whatever-it-is that people try to chase to find out what’s best for them. Think about the amount of money we waste on sheer junk that goes into our lives, whether that be games or trinkets or food.
And to spend some dough on something that might end up making an impact on your life is a pretty good bet. What I’ve learned is that a part of the secret to weight loss and healthful living (for ME) is to find something I love to do–and that’s taken some trial and error.
The more important piece is, of course, to finally settle on something and do it consistently.
So I’ve worked first on my consistency, but I’ve played around with finding the things that I enjoy most. For example, the last six weeks I’ve consistently done both weights and cardio 3-4 times per week, almost always using the elliptical for my cardio. But I got a little bored and wanted to mix it up a bit.
So this week I tried a few spin classes which I have absolutely loved. It’s an hour of instructor led encouragement with self-pacing, an aggressive heart rate, adrenaline pumping music, and sweat. Lots, and lots, and lots of sweat.


So much sweat, in fact, that it leads me to a blog confession here to my colleague… Rachel, you know that golf shirt you lent me tonight before I left the office? Well, I did use it, as I explained I would, to hold my spot on one of the spinning bikes while I changed.
But in those spinning classes you get really really sweaty. Dripping. Like out of the shower kind of dripping. And, there was nothing else near me that was dry, apart from this lone, white, Univera golf shirt. I waited as long as I could…but I ended up using your shirt as a towel. So I owe you a shirt. Yet, just realize, you have contributed in a very unique way to my wellness, and this blog entry. Thank you. πŸ™‚

So here’s the magic article, and it’s a really simple finding. Ironically, I wrote a blog entry a few days ago, as it relates to vocation, and my suggestion was simple.
Find something you love to do. And then just keep doing it.
And, it seems, a study published in the NEJM suggests the same principle applies as it relates to weight loss.
It’s Not What You Eat, It’s How Much

Dieters everywhere — yo-yo dieters, crash dieters, fad dieters, dejected and jaded dieters — may take heart.

A new study offers a flexible take on what it means to diet while underscoring fundamental rules about weight loss.

Researchers compared a low-fat, average protein diet, a low-fat, high-protein diet, a high-fat, average-protein diet, and a high-fat, high-protein diet in 811 middle-aged obese people over two years. Each group lost an average of 13 pounds after one year, though slowly started to gain it back in the second year, bringing the average lost after two years to nine pounds.

Click here to read the entire story.

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4 Replies to “Secret Diet Revealed!”

  1. A battle with cancer is no choice in skipping day of treatments, everyday you must make commitment to fight, do it and keep going. I can really see that just do the same thing over is commitment to a process in losing weight. Imagine the Commitment to exercising and using Univera’s products everyday as part of the commitment to ones health.

    P.S. I have used some Univera products in the fight against my cancer each day I drink my commitment to my health in the recovery process of a better body that stays in remission.

    Cheers to staying committed.

  2. As a lifetime Weight Watcher member, I’ve learned that it’s much better to work towards permanently reshaping your eating habits rather than be on any kind of “diet”. Being on a diet implies that when you reach your goal, you can stop. What happens? We eventually go back to our old ways and gain the weight back. Learning to change your lifestyle eating habits, means that you can keep the weight off indefinitely. I believe this is a more sustainable way to manage weight.

  3. Lynette, I am sure you have learned so much during this battle–thanks for sharing your story and heart.

    Rachel–you’re a riot, I thought this story at the very least might get a bit of a British chuckle out of you!

    Susan, I think you are right. Whatever it is, you gotta stick with it. And the reshaping vs. “this regimen” is a great point. Thanks for sharing this insight.

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