Hey, Big Spender!


So there’s a lot less buying going around these day, we all know that.

But did you know what people are still buying?

Their health and appearance. Among a few other things.


At least, those are a few things I read out of this recent article from Forbes–that lists the ten things we’re still buying. People still want to look and feel good, so categorically there are some overlaps between the things Univera offers and “gym memberships”, as there’s a health and wellness component that’s interlinked. Same with personal care purchases–people still want to look great (and, we do have an amazing skin care solution coming out later this year) and be at their best–which also ties to our products.
workout5-150x150Are the vast majority of consumers eagerly seeking ways to add $100 to their monthly expenses? No, unless there’s a fantastic benefit (by the way–even with this economy, well over half of the people that enroll in Univera enroll as retail or preferred customers). So products that change peoples lives will always have a market. Always.
And for those who are concerned about or need money, it’s an even better story and opportunity to get people engaged as a wholesale buying Associate so they can share the gift with others and get the products for free–or even make money in the process. There will always be people who need to make money. Especially over the next 24-months.ageless30ozsingle_web
Ten Things We’re Still Buying

Hey, Big Spender, are you out there? You must be, since December 2008 sales amounted to $343.2 billion. What did you buy?

Nothing impulsive or lavish, it would seem. Consumer confidence is at its lowest point in history and, according to a Jan. 14 report released by the Commerce Department, retail sales were down 2.7% in December 2008 from November 2008 and 9.8% from December 2007.

From Wal-Mart to Saks Fifth Avenue, retailers are so desperate to rid themselves of inventory that they’re marking down some merchandise by 90%.

Click here to read the entire Forbes.com piece.

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