Greetings Univerians, the following blog posting was first written on Saturday afternoon, July 12th, but I’ve updated since then (which is why the time/context might be off). I’ll probably update it with more videos and photos this week, I only have a limited selection right now, and then start introducing new blog postings this week. Please add your comments to this blog posting (or any others).

01conv_rap-stageOne of the more comical moments from the event below, Regan (aka “Beeker”, from the Muppets…For some reason I thought the name was “Meeper”, perhaps that’s because of the sounds the character makes) on stage with the rappers Eric Miller from Customer Care and “Breathe Eazy.”

I can’t express my most sincere gratitude for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who attended, and to all the corporate employees that made this a great event (special thanks: Julie Darby, Rachel Wisby, Meredith Berkich…but there are just so many others that I can’t thank them all in this email–you know who you are!).

02conv_ericHere we are on Saturday afternoon in gorgeous Seattle, a PERFECT day with a dry 80 degrees and streaming sunshine coupled with incredible energy at our Annual Event with thousands of Associates. Truly, we are having a BLAST at Convention.

Here I sit on Saturday afternoon, just after 4pm, and it’s about the first five minutes I’ve had free since arriving here in Seattle on Wednesday afternoon but I wanted to take a moment to blog a quick entry to share some of my fervor for the past few days we’ve shared together.

03conv_wine-tasteA few highlights so far, but there will be many more shared either on this blog or in discussion following this event. Keep in mind, this is a partial list compiled only over a period of about 20 minutes, as I’m limited by time–but not energy. 🙂

AND, for those who attended please submit a comment with your favorite moments or stories.

Some of the best experiences so far:

-Dinner at Bill’s home on Wednesday night with the Blue Diamonds, and the ticket promotion winners, followed by a Seaplane ride out to the San Juan Islands for a wine tasting and lunch with all the Blues. Picture below, right as we’re about to depart for the flight back to Seattle.

08conv_michael-gift07conv_michael-stage-The comedian Michael Jr. HILARIOUS. This guy, really, is one of the most funny guys I’ve ever met. You can find some of his comedy riffs on YouTube (just search by his name), but let me tell you he’s the real deal. Amazing human being, a quality guy and he’s also talented with humor beyond belief. He did a session Thursday night with the Platinums/Diamonds, then Friday night at General Session, and then TODAY we did an impromptu bit as I pulled him up on stage to do one more session of “Break Time” with the audience. Though, this time he was truly on break as the second day riff was gratis rather than paid, though by the looks of all of you in the lines to purchase his books and CDs I think he did okay. I’m not sure if I’ve ever laughed so much in one sitting, or weekend. And, I am sure the R-DAWG will never be the same (you’ll have to ask around to learn the story of the amazing transformation of Richard Ross!)

05conv_jim-stage04conv_jim-rich-Jim MacLaren. Wow, talk about a guy with perspective. For the rest of my life I will clearly remember his presentation and story on Friday morning. The perspective he brings gives me hope, and adds to my persevering inspiration. You can check out his Web site for more information in case you missed him. www.JimMacLaren.com. He concluded to a standing ovation, throughout his presentation in the audience I saw looks of both laughter as well as tears as he shared with us his journey throughout life. The comments I have received about his presentation have been nothing less than glowing.

-Taylor Hartman. Brilliant, as usual. Presentation of the Color Code, with a little comedy in between. Smashing success. He’ll be at next year’s Convention I expect, and probably at a few events in between. This year we brought him in on Thursday to do a two-hour session with all Platinums and above, a real perk and incentive for getting to Platinum or above next year! 🙂 But you can also catch Taylor online, through additional Univera resources we’ll bring to you, or at various events he might attend between now and next year.

-Some great video clips, stories, and anecdotes…Below you’ll see one I added of Al talking to the larger-than-life poster of Bill Lee when we were in Hainan Island, China. It was going to be played right after the Univera Korea Convention video but we were running tight on time. Loved the stories from the FLC about our trip to China, and I also love that I have Al on video talking to a poster. 🙂

-RAPID RANK BONUS, as well as the continuation of the $35 Fast Start bonus. We unveiled the BEST compensation plan in the industry this weekend. Details available on the back office, but truly we just went from being among the best to the very best. Together, now, we have the best products and compensation in the industry, and as a team we’re going to be unstoppable. And, in the process of this rollout, I will forever remember Dave Nash’s response when he saw his shiny head on the big screens (Dave, don’t feel bad–nobody looked great on the screens, I think the lighting was off a bit).

-Leadership and training. Really, we have the best leaders in the INDUSTRY. And, on top of that, we had the best of the best running workshops yesterday and today. I think it was, quite possibly, the most spectacular set of concurrent training workshops that have been done in the industry. Rave reviews all the way around. No pictures yet

09conv_bill-leeSaturday night served as the capstone, with some outstanding awards, including seven very well deserving recipients of the Rob Kalnitsky award, as well as Associate of the Year (Angelyn Toth). All of this was followed by the customary close by Bill Lee, which was outstanding as usual.

10conv_korean-dressThis entire event has been a total team effort, I want to extend my complete gratitude to all the Univera employees and Associates responsible for making this the event that is has been–and, to each of you that attended, you inspire me. My commitment and passion for this business, and for our cause, I am convinced, is equally matched by each of you as well as that of the Corporate team.

12conv_4someJuly 10-12th will serve as among the best weekends I’ve had in my life. Thanks for the adventure, the energy, the commitment, and the future we’re creating. I look forward to seeing each of you next year as well–already we’ve sold a few thousand Convention tickets for the event right back here in Seattle in June. If you didn’t do it this time, consider making it part of a family vacation. The Northwest, and Seattle in particular, is one of the world’s best family vacation destinations.

Last picture before signing out…The below is of my beautiful wife, Erica, at Etta’s where we had breakfast on Sunday morning — down by the market. The restaurant gets pretty rave reviews, though I thought the food was just “good.” Though, my company was excellent. 🙂


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  1. Rich,
    I was delightfully surprised to find the NEWS with link to convention video come in at what must have been close to the time the events ended. THANK YOU so much for thinking of the rest of us. This is the first convention I was not able to attend since joining UV. Getting to “see” some of it made the loss less noticeable. kathi

  2. I will just say that for me, this convention was about restoring the relationship after the rocky road of last year. I am renewed. I re-believe and my overall attitude towards the company had been rejuvenated! Thanks for a great job!

  3. Thank you Rich! The convention answered 99% of my questions and over time the other 1% will be clarified.
    After watching Mr. Bill Lee’s sincerity and his asking for our commitment, I am not only committed but I also feel obligated to return to him what he gave us to keep us going for the next ten years.
    Be blessed my friend
    L’Chaim “To Life” Team
    Lake Oswego, Or

  4. HI Rich and all the Univera TEAM,

    Thank you for an amazing convention! It was obvious that there was alot of thought and sincerity behind the event, and I personally feel renewed in Univera! I am earnestly moving forward to in my life mission “to help as many people as possible, however that translates for them, through the Univera movement”. Univera truely is an international movement towards the finer things in life: Love, Peace, Health, and Family! Peace and Blessings, Stefanie Bennett, Costa Mesa, CA

  5. Rich,
    I cannot express how impressed I have been at the professionalism showed during the conference by the whole executive team. Yourself are the most amazing president I have ever met. I worked for blue chip companies for 42 years before I joined Univera and I never, never, encountered such energy, grace and kindness from an executive before. You make me feel very proud to be part of the Univera family and this conference was so inspiring. It is impossible for one to leave the conference and not have a strong desire to stretch our potential to its limits to become a leadership servant. I am only a Silver but I will not be satisfied until I become a Diamond and I can help other people to reach their goals and make them realize how capable they are.
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and long live to you and your family.

  6. I absolutely loved this convention. I feel enriched how each of you shared stories and moments of your family. It makes me feel connected to one another as a family of close friends. I truly am thrilled by the convention from begininning to end. I really appreciated Stephen sharing his life with us as he narrated the pictures. Raz and Regan you both were awesome. Ok I could go on and on but will end with this last thought of all Univera has gone through challenges, perservering through them together as we inspire one another to hope and live a life of dreams. Lynette

  7. Rich, Regan, Ralph, Dave, Meredith,
    and Stephen.
    What a rare and inspiring team of Home Office Giants that are working endlessly to fulfill anyones dreams and goals when they associate with our Univera community.
    This convention was the BEST EVER, and together we WILL continue to fulfill Mr. Lee’s wonderful Visions
    of Greatness and be the Best of Nature for Humankind.
    May God continue to bless us.
    Golfing Gordie, Alhambra,Ca.

  8. Awesome convention! Thank you so much to you and all who made it a reality. There is every reason to be more excited than ever with regards to the business, products, and charity. Keep up the great work!

  9. We had such a great time performing! Thanks to everyone for all the kind words once we got off stage!


    Eric “E.Millz” Miller of Breathe Eazy Inc and a proud Customer Care Agent

  10. Rich,

    The experiences and relationships that I bring back to Alabama from last weeks convention are so intense… After avoiding relationship-marketing companies for 17 years in my field as a Naturopathic Doctor, I decided (After trying to find multiple reasons not to), to go to a Univera convention in Knoxville with my new friend Dr. Jeff Johnson. As you know, Jeff is an MD. and a cardiologist, but I don’t hold that against him :). I met a few folks, but when introduced to you, I noticed your piercing focus on our conversation, and how you exemplified professionalism and a unique ability to connect.

    I joined Univera and we were able to make Gold in a month with several silvers coming in under us. My belief in the raw material selection, (Thanks Stephen), the manufacturing processes, and the solid foundation of the marketing program has led me to jump head-first into Univera regardless of my other businesses and commitments. I can say that it has been a fast and wonderful ride!

    I slept a total of 6 hours from Thursday until Sunday, and regained a new appreciation for Essentials and Ageless Xtra for my personal use! I enjoyed the Physicians meeting as well as every aspect of the convention. I was moved deeply by Jim Maclaren, and he and I connected instantly. I was impressed by the work of that all made the convention possible, especially Meredith! She was the Energizer Rabbit or bunny, or meeper, whatever.. The announcement of the new bonus programs, Bill Lee’s speech, and the panel presentations were wonderful. I cannot tell you the amount of stories that I walked away from the convention with, and most of those present (Including yourself) witnessed how much of a good time that we had at the final party Saturday night/Sunday morning. (Some of us Southerners really know how to have a good time, I promise).

    Beyond everything, there is one thing that stood out for me. When you asked me how we went Gold in the first month, as well as our up line, my first down line, and 5 silvers all in the first month, I told you of a man who could not read or write. A man who others felt was insignificant, and that some felt was not able to work a strong business with a handicap. HOWEVER, as I told you, we found him to be SIGNIFICANT. I looked at your eyes, and we both had tears forming. You simply said, “I want to meet this man”. Of all of the people we could have discussed, it was this man who you wanted to meet.

    Rich, the accountability your father instilled in you was not without fruit, as you know. It has carried this company through hard times and has helped form what YunHo Lee deserves to exude his legacy. I am proud to serve as a person representing this company under leadership and commitment of people such as yourself. At the next convention, I have a personal commitment to bring several people to share the experience, for Jim to speak and not have a bladder infection, for the company to have wonderful growth, and most importantly, for thousands of individuals to have their lives changed by the vision and people behind Univera.

    Dr. Matt St. John

  11. Hey Rich Raz!
    First of all, I am truly proud of you and the amazing Univera Team! This was my third convention with Univera and I believe one of the Best to Date! It was also great to finally meet your beautiful wife in person.

    I would call this the Most Authentic convention to date for me and our Team. We had teams from Dallas Fort Worth and Colorado in Seattle this year and every person walked away with a sense of community, connection and deep appreciation for our mission.

    We all made some amazing commitment to each other and the greater Univera community. Seattle was the perfect grounds for the convention and we are all looking forward to next year and will exceed Bill Lee’s request for us to bring 5K, I say let’s go for 10K people for Univera’s 10th Year Anniversary!

    With Respect & Gratitude…

    PS Thank you for covering Sharon Horner's story at convention, her personal vision & mission has become much stronger and bigger due to her connection with Univera….

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